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A Walk Down Memory Lane – Creating Masterpieces during Social Distancing

A Walk Down Memory Lane – Creating Masterpieces during Social Distancing
Taikhum Sadiq

This isn’t the first time the world has been forced into quarantine. Back in the medieval days, Europe had to adapt to a similar lifestyle for a long time while battling the bubonic plague. But this was also the time that laid the foundation to some of the most path breaking creations and discoveries in history.

Shakespeare and King Lear

One of the most celebrated authors, poets, and playwrights in history, Shakespeare is one of the most famous personalities on the planet, even after 400 years of his death. But not many know that Shakespeare created some of his most extraordinary works during his time lazying around his home while practicing social distancing. One his most path-breaking works, King Lear was written during the time when he self-isolated himself at Stratford Upon Avon during the bubonic plague.

Let the juices of creativity flow, let the verses bloom, maybe it’s your chance to write down some amazing plays and verses the world will remember in the future.

William Shakespeare


Isaac Newton and Gravity

We all know that an apple falling on Newton’s head was an old mother’s tale that was actually never true. Just like Shakespeare, Newton too, was forced into the confines of his home during the bubonic plague. Cambridge had to shut down, just like the schools and universities have been closed today. With no lectures to give or attend, Newton had all the time in the world to work his magic. It is during this time that Newton worked on the foundations of calculus, the theory of gravity, and score of papers on the science of light. Who knew social distancing would give birth to the Father of Physics. And all this happened when he was just 19.

So if you have kids at home, maybe it’s time for them to discover themselves. Who knows the next string of geniuses might be born from this era’s time of social distancing.

Isaac Newton


Edward Munch and The Scream

One of the most famous paintings in history, The Scream, has a fan following of its own. While being one of the greatest masterpieces of the medieval age, it also has a huge fan following of horror and suspense enthusiasts, who have created many fan and conspiracy theories about the painting. The creator of this painting, Edward Munch, was busy distant socializing when he created this painting during the quarantine phase of the Spanish Flu.

Go ahead and pick up the brush, awaken the artist in you, and fill the canvas with amazing ideas. And who knows maybe your artwork could be the next to get auctioned at Christie’s.

Sometimes the toughest of situations can bring out the genius in you. The COVID-19 pandemic is surely one of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century. But then again, history is filled with examples of people who have achieved great things during such times. Maybe it’s your turn now!

Edward Munch


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