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COVID Rash and Unusual COVID Symptoms

COVID Rash and Unusual COVID Symptoms
Linda Guerrera

Did you think that we were over the nightmare of COVID-19? As the colder weather approaches, there is a heightened worry about the possibility of another COVID-19 outbreak. With this new fear comes symptoms you may not have even heard about, like COVID rash.  

Most of us know the common symptoms of COVID-19. We know that fever is generally the first indication of the infection, followed by cough, fatigue, and a loss of taste or smell. However, there are some symptoms that you may not know about.   

What Is COVID Rash?  

Just like other common symptoms of COVID-19, these other symptoms can mimic other health issues. One symptom in particular is COVID rash. Add this skin-related issue to our list of concerns because although it is rare, it is another very unpleasant problem that this virus can cause. 

COVID Rash in Kids 

Early in the pandemic, some people were experiencing several different forms of Covid rash. Babies and young children broke out in a chickenpox-type rash. With the absence of a vaccine, they were too young to have built up an immunity to certain infections.   

While a rash alone does not automatically mean that a child or an adult has contracted the virus, it can be one of the indicators of a possible COVID-19 infection.   

Types of COVID Rash   

As the pandemic went on, more and more variants of COVID-19 seemed to dominate the news. It appeared every time science was getting ahead of the virus, a new form would emerge.   

The new additions to the ever-growing list of COVID-19 symptoms are much different from the typical respiratory issues, mimicking other medical problems. COVID rash is no different, plus there are several different types, including:  

  • Vesicular Rash: This skin irritation appears as small blisters that look like chickenpox. These fluid-filled sores can be itchy and spread on the body. This type of COVID rash is rare and usually happens in the late stages of COVID-19.  
  • COVID Toes: An inflammation and discoloration of the toes. This red and painful rash is mostly seen in children, teens, and adults. Other symptoms of COVID-19 were typically mild when this rash was present. COVID toes rash generally starts very mild. Most don’t even know they have it. However, it can lead to painful, swollen, purple, and brown inflammation, affecting toes and fingers.   
  • Livedo Reticularis: A streaky, marbled-looking rash that typically starts on the legs. The rash spreads in a net-like pattern. This type of rash is commonly seen with autoimmune disorders.   
  • Erythema Multiforme: This COVID rash appears as skin lesions resembling a “bulls-eye”; it appears as a red or purple patch with a dark center spot. This type of rash is generally seen with an infection such as herpes simplex virus or as an adverse reaction to medication.  

Treatment of COVID Rash 

If you think you may have COVID rash, make sure to consult your doctor. Treatment of COVID rash depends on the severity and type, generally following the same protocol as a diagnosis of COVID-19: 

  • Testing and diagnosis – if you test positive or think you may have contracted COVID-19, call your doctor for advice. 
  • Rest and isolation – Stay home and away from others to control the spread of the virus. 
  • Watch for symptoms – Monitor any changes in any health issues. 
  • Hydration – Drinking water will help your body flush impurities. 
  • Medication - OTC and prescription meds may be prescribed for symptom relief. 

Unusual Symptoms of COVID-19  

COVID rash isn’t the only symptom you may not be aware of. According to The Mayo Clinic, There are several usual symptoms of COVID-19, such as:  

  • Nausea – Digestive issues typically start before fever and respiratory symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhea.  
  • Delirium – Typically a symptom seen in older individuals, extreme confusion leading to delirium has been linked to COVID-19. This particular symptom usually has a poor prognosis.  
  • Vision issues – Sensitivity to light, redness, and painful and itchy eyes have been linked to COVID-19.     

Many things can cause skin rashes, so it is important to know that a skin rash does not indicate that the COVID-19 virus is present. Allergic reactions or other medical issues can cause skin irritation and inflammation. If you think you or your child may have COVID-19, it is important to contact a healthcare professional for proper testing and diagnosis.   

Fever, fatigue, cough, and loss of taste or smell are the most common symptoms of COVID-19. COVID rash is uncommon, but the more we know about this virus, how it can progress, and the symptoms that can present, the better we will be at managing the effects.  

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