Choosing the Right Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Choosing the Right Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair bound people have a difficult time moving around in the house as the layout often times involves different levels, maybe just a step apart yet difficult for the wheelchair to navigate and so they end up always requiring assistance.This is where Modular Wheelchair Ramps can help. They provide the ease of travelling and moving around from all lower to higher places and vice versa easily, and can be fixed in one place and modified according to the user.

What are Modular Ramps?

Modular ramps are ramp systems specifically designed to assist with the transportation of wheelchair bound patients between two different levels of the floor. They are also used by people who cannot walk down the stairs or move from a higher level to the lower level and vice versa.

Why Does One Need a Modular Ramp?

A wheelchair bound person is many a time forced to move around in a confined place for the sake of their own safety. But everyone needs ample of space and freedom to go wherever they want. Modular ramps have made this easy for these people.

  • People bound to wheelchairs
  • People with crutches
  • Disability to climb or descend stairs


Benefits of Modular Ramps


  • Wide platforms
  • Semi-permanent and permanent installation
  • Stable for all kinds of wheelchairs and scooters
  • Can be disassembled and reconfigured almost anywhere
  • Can be used in almost all places

Modular Ramps - Some Value for Money Deals

EZ-Access Modular Ramp System

Specifically designed for residential use, these ramps are perfect for those who want the accessibility to go beyond the reaches of a portable ramp. There is less hardware and so the set up is easy. EZ-Access Modular Ramp is built with durable and lightweight aluminium thus ensuring there is no rust, rot, or decay. It fits well into the environs of the house and is extremely easy to use.

EZ-Access Modular Ramp System
  EZ Access Pathway Aluminium Modular Platform With Four Feet Handrail

EZ Access Pathway Aluminium Modular Platform With Four Feet Handrail

Another considerable and worthwhile addition for residential use, EZ-Access Pathway Modular ramp is made of welded and high strength aluminium. It has easy access, is completely maintenance free, and is supremely durable. The ergonomic design is appealing to look at thus gelling in with the house easily. It is built to withstand all climates and is completely hassle free.

Ez-Access Transitions Modular Entry Mat

For those people that might have predispositions in using metal ramps or for people that have a small elevation that needs to bridged, using a large aluminium modular ramp is not a good solution. Ez-Access Mats are made of rubber which is 100% recycled. They can be trimmed and notched to meet all entry point sizes and can be used almost anywhere. They are portable and can withstand all kinds of climate and are completely water-proof.

 Ez-Access Transitions Modular Entry Mat

Modular ramps have changed the way people have been transporting people through elevations and have redefined the ideas of installing ramps that need to be affixed each time. They can easily blend into the home environment and become a part of your daily life.


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