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Celebrating Mother's Day During Covid-19

Celebrating Mother's Day During Covid-19
Kevin Cleary

It has been over a year since we have lived in a sense of “normalcy.” The Covid-19 or coronavirus pandemic has required us to be apart from our friends and family in order to stay safe. Now that more and more Americans are becoming vaccinated, we can now start heading towards what we may consider normal. We are not out of the woods yet though, so there need to be some common sense precautions. As we re-connect with our friends and family, Mother’s Day is a great place to start. We here at HPFY can help you make Sunday, May 9, 2021 a special day for mom and keep her safe.

Celebrate…But with Care

As time goes on, more and more people are becoming vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus. Also, there is more vaccine supply available to the population, as well as more people being eligible for a vaccination. This leads to us (hopefully) to defeating this viral scourge!! Unfortunately, not all of us have qualified to be vaccinated just yet and some of us may have only had one shot of a two vaccine regimen. Even after one or two vaccinations your immune system needs roughly 2 weeks or so in order to ramp up to protect you properly. It is due to this that we must still be vigilant and be mindful to still wear masks and social distance when possible. Current guidelines are posted on the CDC website.

Gifts to Keep Mom Safe

This Mother’s Day it is important to remember that even though we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the fight against Covid-19, it is important to minimize the risk of any virus transmission especially when it affects our aging moms and grandmas. With this in mind, when thinking of mom this Mother’s Day show her how much you care about her well-being by incorporating gifts to ensure her safety. Gift options for mom this Mother’s Day can include items/gifts that can improve their quality of life and maintain their safety and health. When putting together mom’s gift this year some great options can include:

1) Safety/Health: As we emerge from the shadow of the last years pandemic, we have learned to appreciate items that can keep us safe and healthy. Many of us have had to keep our distance from our mothers for the last year, especially those who are in assisted living homes. Some options to explore can include:

Airfree Iris 3000 Air Purifier

The patented Thermodynamic TSS Technology of this filter less air purifier is effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the air. It is small and portable, but powerful enough to purify air in an area up to 650 ft.². It is completely silent and doesn’t require filter changes or maintenance.

Core Layered Cloth Face Mask

These masks are constructed from a double layer of soft, breathable fabric that contours to the face for a secure and comfortable fit. Tie straps hold the mask snugly in place and offer greater adjustability. The mask can help protect mom when she’s out at the grocery store or at the mall shopping. They comfortably cover the mouth and nose for protection from airborne pollution, dust, pollen, and other particles. They can be easily stored in a pocket or purse and can be laundered and dried numerous times.

Drive Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

As we have seen with this Covid-19 virus, respiratory viruses can diminish oxygen levels in our blood. This fingertip oximeter is simple and easy to use to keep tabs on our oxygen saturation levels. The large, easy to read LED screen shows the users SpO2 levels and pulse rate while offering approximately 30 hours of normal operation from the two AAA batteries.


2. Comfort/Independence: With many of our moms living independently, finding ways to have them maintain their quality of life and independence can be key. Getting around in the home and out in public can require some simple forethought. When looking for gifts to ensure their comfort and independence check out:

Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Easireach II Reacher with Ergonomic Handle

These lightweight, aluminum reachers have magnetic tips and a comfortable, ergonomic handle that is easy to use when safely picking up dropped objects or items just out of reach normally. They include a lock on clip that can allow for the reacher to be stored conveniently on a walker or wheelchair.

Vive Body Fat Scale

Measuring only 12”x 12”x 0.75”, not only does this bathroom scale accurately provide easy to read weight results, but it can keep mom healthy by helping her track body fat, body water, and muscle mass data with Advanced Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. It can automatically detect each user and automatically turns off to increase battery life.

Clarke Safety Glo Bedside Handrail

This handrail is suitable for all beds with a box spring and is glow-in-the-dark for improved identification in dark or dim light conditions. It fits mattresses from twin to king sizes and can support up to 300 pounds while being lightweight for portability and easy installation. It is made from steel and the soft grip re-charges with room light, so no batteries or cords!!


3) Luxury: Yes, keeping mom safe and healthy is important, but finding a Mother’s Day gift that allows mom to pamper herself can be awesome. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting her something she wouldn’t get herself or even knew existed. Some fun gift ideas for Mother’s Day can include:

Etac Hair Washer with Lightweight Handle

Nothing beats a refreshing, cleansing shower and this ergonomically designed bathing aid easily reaches the entire scalp while the nodules massage the hair clean. Made from lightweight polypropylene, it weighs only 4 ounces and measures 4.5” long so moms of all ages can easily enjoy bath time.

Quantum Celtic Diffuser Necklace

Enjoying the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy while on the go is exactly what this necklace is all about. This leadfree pewter diffuser releases the pleasing scent of your essential oil of choice wherever you go. It can be worn as a pendant necklace or hung up as an air freshener. It comes with a 24 inch rhodium coated chain.


There are a multitude of different types of teas out there that not only are incredibly delicious but may have health benefits. Whether it is tea rich in tumeric, chamomile, or lemon Myrtle, the varieties can give mom a plethora of options when relaxing with a cup of tea. Everything from Scottish breakfast teas to chocolate mint teas can allow mom to get a taste of a multitude of cultures from around the globe!!


The past year and the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that we have missed a lot of celebrations. With vaccinations increasing and restrictions easing, this year Mother’s Day can get a little closer to normal. We still need to be smart about our gatherings but showing mom how much they mean to us (this year in particular) is important. Don’t go crazy but have a Happy Mother’s Day and stay safe!!


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HPFY Kevin Cleary

Kevin Cleary

Kevin Cleary has been a Health Products For You contributor for many years and has a degree in marketing. His health and wellness journey has a very personal meaning and has guided him in his content writing for HPFY.

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