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Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy

Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy
Kevin Cleary

Understanding how vibroacoustic therapy works can unlock the benefits of this type of therapy and HPFY offers customer’s and therapist alike options to maximize the benefits of this therapy Often healing and standard therapy can be supplemented with alternative methods of healing and recovery. Our bodies respond to a multitude of external stimuli and when any injury or other malady impacts us all that we crave is relief. This can come in the form of prescription drugs or physical/occupational therapy. Vibroacoustic therapy equipment can be another tool in the toolbox in order to overcome a wide variety of issues or symptoms.

What Is Vibroacoustic Therapy?

There is a good chance you may never have heard about vibroacoustic therapy. By using sound waves and vibrations, vibroacoustic therapy can relax multiple parts of the body. Vibroacoustic therapy was designed 40 years ago by an Estonian physician named Prof. Saima Tamm and can be paired with a multitude of other therapies. After these 40 years of research, vibroacoustic therapy has shown positive results in treating many problems including:

  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Reducing stress
  • Minimizing pain
  • Promoting serenity
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sensory awareness
  • Reduce nausea, fatigue, and depression

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits that vibroacoustic therapy can help with. Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) has immediate effects as well as some that can appear hours or even days after your therapy session. This is a drug-free, noninvasive way to promote pain and anxiety relief. By doing this you can create a positive environment in which to heal and increase your quality of life.

Vibroacoustic Therapy Equipment

Okay, VAT sounds intriguing, but what exactly do you need in order to reap the benefits of this type of therapy? The use of sound and acoustics can be done with a trained therapist or in the comfort of your own home using vibroacoustic therapy equipment such as:

  • Somatron Full-Body Vibroacoustic Portable Mat: With quality speakers built-in, this foldable mat is easily stored while permeating the whole body with stimulating and soothing sound vibrations. Lightweight and portable, this mat can be placed on a multitude of surfaces and has a 20 foot cord for convenience. It fully complies with CPSIA and includes a patented Somatron Diaphragm System in each section.
Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy
Somatron Full Body Vibroacoustic Portable Mat
  • Somatron Neurotron VibroAcoustic Pad: Designed to deliver tactile music sensations to the head, neck, and upper body, this vibroacoustic therapy piece of equipment helps in torticollis reduction by overriding cervical accessory nerve spasms. This vibroacoustic pad is ideal for those in wheelchairs or beds, while eliminating the possibility of injury from headphones and provides a more concentrated listening by minimizing distraction from other noises.
Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy
Somatron Neurotron VibroAcoustic Pad
  • Somatron Portable Wedge: Utilizing two 8 inch full range speakers, this piece of vibroacoustic therapy equipment is engineered for comfort with a slightly raised head area and comfortable, built-in neck support. The Second Diaphragm Vibroacoustic System encompasses the entire body area and has two 2 amp fuses protecting each speaker. Compact and lightweight this vibroacoustic therapy wedge offers increased portability and easy storage. Perfect for stress reduction or calming restless behavior!!
Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy
Somatron Portable Vibroacoustic Wedge
  • Somatron Soft Furniture Vibroacoustic Music Body Pillow: This super large, tactile, soft filled pillow can be used for positioning, hyperactivity, relaxing, or just entertainment by creating music vibrations throughout the entire pillow. The zippered pouch at the floor contains the 12 inch speaker and can be replaced if necessary (an unlikely event). This vibroacoustic therapy system is ideal for tuning the body’s vibrational energy system as well as maintaining the mind-body connection. Find your Zen!!
Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy
Somatron Soft Furniture Vibroacoustic Music Body Pillow
  • Somatron Snugums Vibroacoustic Huggable Plush Animal: This small, lightweight piece of vibroacoustic therapy equipment is designed to be held and hugged. By using a vibrotactile Somatron transducer (powered by a small, included amplifier), it provides tactile music stimulation to the holder. It’s cute and cuddly design begs to be held, loved, and comforted and the cover can be easily removed for cleaning. This can be easily connected to a portable CD player or MP3 player, your choice.
Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy
Somatron Snugums Vibroacoustic Huggable Plush Animal
  • Somatron Swing Arm Multi-Position Vibroacoustic Therapy Chair: To make patient transfers easier, both arms of this vibroacoustic therapy chair swing out and the chair can recline into the Trendelenburg position preferred by doctors. This can aid in circulation and can ease back tension. These chairs are great for dialysis or chemotherapy treatment centers (or even treating PTSD) by permeating the entire body with relaxing, healing music vibrations.
Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy
Somatron Swing Arm Multi-Position Vibroacoustic Therapy Chair
  • Somatron Vibroacoustic VibePad: The benefits of this vibroacoustic therapy pad include using 100% of the muscles by contracting them in response to vibration to stabilize them. This overtime increases muscle tone and density. The sound transducers create vibrations in a range of 10-15,000 Hz and this mat can be used in a variety of ways that include chairs or even on the floor.
Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy
Somatron Vibroacoustic VibePad

They say that music has a soothing effect on the savage beast. We may not be savage beasts, but music (and the vibrations associated with it) can help alleviate or minimize a variety of symptoms that create a harmonious environment for relaxation and healing. Use vibroacoustic therapy to your benefit along with whatever therapy or recovery program your doctor has prescribed for you.


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