Benefits of Vibrating Mesh Technology

Benefits of Vibrating Mesh Technology

Respiratory therapy helps patients breathe better and a nebulizer is a great tool to have. Using a nebulizer with vibrating mesh technology may optimize your respiratory therapy.

As anyone who has had issues with their breathing can attest to, finding fast and lasting relief is critically important. Not only does this allow the sufferer to breathe, but this critical therapy can minimize the anxiety that goes along with breathing problems. Many patients who have respiratory issues are prescribed a nebulizer to administer their respiratory therapy. Nebulizers transform liquid medicine into a mist that is inhaled directly into the lungs to open the airways. Nebulizers that utilize a vibrating mesh technology may be the optimal delivery system for your respiratory needs. So how exactly does vibrating mesh technology work and benefit me? Good question!!

Working Of Vibrating Mesh Technology

How Does This Technology Benefit Me?

Each respiratory patient is different and so is their treatment plan. The one thing each respiratory therapy patient has in common is the need to get medication into their lungs as quickly as possible for relief. While a nebulizer is the best way to get liquid medication into your lungs, finding one that delivers this medication in the most effective manner can increase the efficacy of every treatment. One that utilizes vibrating mesh technology can be more effective. The science behind this technology is the fact that a nebulizer that utilizes vibrating mesh technology can create a much smaller, consistent particle size that is inhaled, making drug delivery easier and more effective.

By vibrating at a high rate for a short distance, the many laser drilled holes of the vibrating mesh act like a pump drawing medication through them and creating an incredibly small particulate mist that is easily inhaled into the lungs to rapidly facilitate relief.

About Vibrating Mesh Technology

What are the Benefits of Vibrating Mesh Technology Nebulizer?

I’m sure the naysayer will say what’s the difference between a regular nebulizer and a vibrating mesh technology nebulizer? For someone who is affected by compromised breathing, these benefits of a vibrating mesh nebulizer may make all the difference in the world. These benefits include:

  • Silent operation making it easy to take treatment anywhere
  • Consistent, small particle size
  • Increased efficacy of treatment for faster therapy times
  • Portable, so no reason for missed treatments

Finding a nebulizer that makes respiratory treatments fast, easy, and convenient may seem like a pipe dream. A nebulizer that uses vibrating mesh technology can be the answer to a long asked question. Get your treatments fast, easy, and more effective with a nebulizer that uses a vibrating mesh transducer and breathe easier to regain your quality of life!!

Some products with Vibrating Mesh Technology

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