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Tennis Elbows - Know Your Treatment Options

Tennis Elbows - Know Your Treatment Options
Taikhum Sadiq

Tennis Elbow - An Introduction

The extensor muscles of the forearm are responsible for the flexing and movement of the forearm. Damage, soreness, or swelling of these muscles near the elbow joint is known as tennis elbow. Since these muscles are used the most by tennis players, this injury is called tennis elbow.

The condition affects the muscles near the lateral epicondyle and hence tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis. 

Tennis Elbows - Know Your Treatment Options

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

  • One of the major symptoms of tennis elbow is pain on the outer side of the later epicondyle, which is a prominent part of the bone on the outside of the elbow.

  • Gripping or holding things might also slowly result in pain as the forearm muscles are being pulled and contracted.

  • The use of the wrist also become a tedious and painful task, and so a person experience pain while lifting something

  • Slight swelling and soreness are experienced initially but as the condition grows, the swelling and redness also increase.

Tennis Elbows - Know Your Treatment Options

Causes of Tennis Elbow

Overuse of the Forearm Muscles - Overexertion or exhaustion of the forearm muscles is one of the leading causes of tennis elbow. This is most common among tennis players, as the ground stroke causes the most amount of stress on the muscles of the lateral epicondyle

Activities - Sometimes your job or profession might also include activities that might someday result in you getting a tennis elbow. Craftsman, carpenters, plumbers, and many people with such profession are most likely to get a tennis elbow because of the continuous use of the forearm and repetitive actions

Age Factor - People between the ages of 30-50 years are the most vulnerable to this condition. The muscles are the most developed and hence they do not completely break or tear but instead get damaged. In younger or older ages, there is a greater chance of muscle tear rather than tennis elbow.

Unknown Causes - Also known as an insidious cause, sometimes a person might suffer from tennis elbow for now specific reason at all. They haven’t been undergoing any exerting activity, nor have they overused the forearm muscles. This occurrence is rare as compared to the other causes.

Tennis Elbows - Know Your Treatment Options

How Can Tennis Elbow Be Prevented?

  • Recognize the repetitive actions that might lead to the overuse of the forearm muscles

  • Try resting the forearm muscles so that they are not overexerted, thus reducing the chances of a tennis elbow

  • Exercise! Doing the right kind of exercises can help strengthen the muscles and make them more resistant to overexertion and dehydration

  • For tennis players it is always recommended to learn the correct technique perfectly as the wrong sway or motion of the hand can cause a tennis elbow, immediately

  • Use a elbow strap or compression bandage to see that the elbow doesn’t take all the stress of the activity

  • See to it that the racquet you are suing is suited to your playing style and age. Heavy racquets can increase the chances of a tennis elbow

Should One Undergo A Surgery for Tennis Elbow?

Surgery is always the last option for any joint or muscle relation condition or disorder. But they are highly successful in relieving the pain in this case of the tennis elbow. Although, the cost of surgery and the rehab it requires often discourages people to opt for surgery. Other treatment option take a little time as compared to surgeries but are cost effective and require less or no rehab.

What Are The Treatment Options?

We have already talked about the surgical method of treating this condition, but there are also umpteen number of non-surgical methods to treat the condition.

Braces, straps,and wraps are one of the most common supporting options. They help a person in suspending the arm in a specific position so that any kind of jerks or sudden movements do not worsen the condition. Wraps are sometimes also mediums of delivering cryo-therapy, or magnetic therapy.

BMMI Universal Elbow Wrap

Tennis Elbows - Know Your Treatment Options Tennis Elbows - Know Your Treatment Options Tennis Elbows - Know Your Treatment Options
AT Surgical Tennis Elbow Counterforce Brace Comfyprene Elbow Orthosis BMMI Universal Elbow Wrap


Anti-inflammatory creams and gels are a great option to reduce the swelling and soreness. The application of a pain relieving cream over this might help alleviate the condition for sometime so that the other medications can cure the condition.

Rolyan Tennis Gel/Air Elbow Support Cramer Tennis Elbow Strap
Rolyan Tennis Gel/Air Elbow Support Cramer Tennis Elbow Strap


Though not a fatal condition, if left untreated, the muscles of the lateral epicondyle can cause major repercussions. The muscles might tear, thus compromising the integrity of the entire elbow also leading to fractures. The right kind of treatment and rehab can help correct this condition within a few weeks itself. 


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