All about Shower Commode Wheelchairs

All about Shower Commode Wheelchairs

Shower commode wheelchairs are mobility assist toilet chairs with wheels for individuals with limited mobility. A shower commode chair allows its user to access the toilet conveniently with or without the additional assistance of a caregiver. These commode wheelchairs are designed in a way to protect the user from some common accidents and falls in the bathroom.

What is the use of a Shower Commode Wheelchair?

Shower wheelchairs (also known as bathroom wheelchairs) are designed to facilitate hygiene procedures for users who find it difficult to make it to the bathroom. Shower chairs with an opening in the seat and incorporated with wheels are called commode wheelchairs. These mobile shower commodes allow users to toilet themselves while remain seated in the wheelchair and make their hygiene procedure convenient and independent.

Who should use a Shower Commode Chair?

  • Elderly and senior citizens with mobility issues
  • Infirm individuals
  • SCI patients or people suffering from arthritis, joint pains
  • Patients who have undergone a medical surgery 
  • Temporarily injured individuals 

What do you need to use a Shower Wheelchair Commode?

To be able to use a commode wheelchair properly you need to be careful about-

  • Bathroom Space: Having enough space in your bathroom for the correct movement of a commode chair with wheels is essential. 
  • Bathroom Safety: The floor should support the wheel-movements and you will want to make sure to keep your bathroom clean and set it up according to the commode-wheelchair user’s convenience 
  • Assistance: You must keep in mind that before the user gets used to operating the commode wheelchair, you must provide them assistance to avoid accidents
  • Cleanliness: Keep your bathroom clean and dry to avoid accidental falls or infection-related issues

What are the features of a rolling shower chair commode?

  • Front casters that swivel in all directions
  • Drop-down, flip-back, or removable arm-rests
  • Comfortable seat (padded or cushioned)
  • Attached removable-toilet container 
  • Anti-slip handgrip for the comfort of a caregiver who is operating the shower wheelchair
  • Rust-free components that can be easily cleaned for hygiene
  • Light-weight and durable 
  • Foldable to save the place and avoid storage issues

How to choose the right shower commode wheelchair?

When looking for the right commode wheelchair, you need to keep an eye open for the ones that have the features you feel are necessary for you.

  • Purpose and need to buy: To decide the best shower commode for yourself you must know your purpose to understand the requirement. For e.g. If you are buying it for traveling then it must be portable and easily foldable, or if you have arthritic joints and arms then you need a commode wheelchair that offers support in getting on and off of it. 
  • Skin and body type: If your skin is prone to allergies and bedsores then you are advised to go for shower commodes with the padded toilet seat. The body type of a user is an important factor to be considered here. Bariatric users will need a high-density toilet seat to comfortably use the commode chair 
  • Medical condition: People suffering from back pain, cervical issues, SI joints, etc., need an adjustable foot, head, and backrests with padded seating
  • Size and specification: Consider your bathroom space and safety accessories installed before buying a shower commode wheelchair
  • Material: Wheelchair for shower and toilet should be water-resistant and rust-resistant that can be easily dried off
  • Easily assembled or dissembled: If you are buying a commode wheelchair that can be dissembled for portability then the assembly and disassembly both must be easy and convenient
  • Caregiver: Some shower wheelchairs need to be operated with the help of a caregiver, you need to buy such commode chairs if you have an additional assistance facility available

Different types of shower commode wheelchairs

HPFY offers a wide range of shower wheelchairs in several sizes and styles which you can buy according to your use and purpose. Let’s have a look at what type of shower commode wheelchairs you can get with HPFY-

1. Rehab Shower Commode Wheelchair

Rehab Shower Commode Chair is an adaptable wheelchair that can be beneficial for both patients and caregivers. Rehabilitation commode chairs with wheels are used to assist the elderly and patients suffering from SCI (Spinal Cord Injuries), SI joint, osteoporosis, arthritis, surgeries, or other injuries that occur due to trauma fall, or motor vehicle accident, etc. These adjustable and transportable commode wheelchairs are helpful to manage the everyday activities of patients with these injuries and make it easy for caregivers also to assist their dear ones and provide the best care with ease and convenience.

Features of a good Rehabilitation Shower Commode Chair

  • Can be easily positioned over the commode 
  • Can be used as a standalone commode
  • Compact and easily transportable
  • Rehab shower commode wheelchair must be adjustable in terms of arm-rest foot-rests, and height of the chair

2. Bariatric Shower Commode Wheelchair

Bariatric commode wheelchair is designed to accommodate plus-size individuals and can be used for the dual purpose of bathing and toileting. Bariatric shower wheelchairs are constructed with heavy-duty material to put it to use for bariatric users.

Features of Bariatric Commode Wheelchair

  • Wide and comfortable seat
  • Anti-slip handgrips
  • Reclines and adjustable foot-rest
  • Foldaway push poles
  • Anti-tipping design

3. Reclining Shower Commode Chair

Reclining Shower Commode wheelchair provides better positioning and comfort to the users who cannot sit properly and to larger-sized individuals.

Reclining shower wheelchairs are durable and adjustable to support the whole body of the user. The users can easily tilt the reclining commode wheelchair to their comfortable position.

Features of Reclining Shower Commode Wheelchair

  • Adjustable Back and leg rest
  • Facilitated different reclining positions
  • Wide and comfortable seating
  • Padded headrest to position the head comfortably
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

4. Shower Commode Chair with infection control

Shower commode wheelchairs are designed with an efficient infection control system. When the shower chair is put up for use in the water dealing with toileting and bathing on a daily basis, the material should be easy-to-clean. Hygiene very important to avoid allergies, bedsores, bacterial infections, and other skin-related problems.  

Features of Shower Commode Wheelchair with infection control

  • Easily removable components to maximize cleaning and disinfecting
  • Infection control design
  • User-friendly commode containers and removable lid
  • Lightweight material 
  • No complicated fittings or connectors

5. Pediatric Commode Shower Wheelchair

Pediatric Commode Shower Wheelchairs are ideal for kids with mobility issues or small adults. These pediatric commode chairs are designed as per the comfort, safety, and security of children. It features durable casters for extra flexibility and interlocking seat support for safety.

Features of Pediatric Shower Commode Wheelchair

  • Anti-slip handgrip
  • Elevated leg extensions
  • Dual drop arm secured with safety straps
  • Easy-to-operate wheelchair system

At HPFY, we carry some of the best and top-selling bathroom wheelchairs from renowned brands and manufacturers. Our aim is to allow patients and the elderly with immobility to perform their routine activities with ease and independence. We constantly work to make assistive devices such as rolling or shower chairs and accessories, easily accessible to our users. 

We also have a wheelchair cushion section, where you’ll find plenty of cushion options to help ensure that your chair is a perfect fit and comfortable for you. Also, be sure to check out our extensive Bath Safety Products, you'll find grab bars, safety rails, bidets, transfer benches, shower aids, commode aids, shower beds and gurneys, bath lifts, and much more.

Browse the full section of shower commode wheelchairs on HPFY today and choose from our extensive range at an amazing discount and reward dollars. We are always here to help you improve the quality of your life. 


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