Top Rated Advantage Urinal Systems Of 2020

For those who suffer from urinary incontinence and are wheelchair-bound or bed-ridden, the situation can get extremely exasperating as it calls for increased dependence on a caregiver to make each washroom trip. Sometimes, post-surgical recovery period impairs mobility completely. If left untreated or unmanaged, urinary incontinence has both physical and psychological consequences, including damage to skin, urinary tract infections, increased risk of falls and a feeling of alienation. It is here that urinal systems play a significant role.

Advantage urinals are easy to use, easy to drain and easy to clean. They are quick and safe to use and restore some amount of independence to dignity to people with mobility concerns. Some of the advantages of using these urinal systems are:

  • Superior alternative to other urinary aids

    Since they are non-invasive, self-emptying and affordable, they prove to be better urinary aid when compared to painful and expensive catheters, disposable under wears and traditional hand-held urinals. They reduce instances of night time falls, urine spills, and the resultant odor.

  • Reduces falls

    Since, it is designed for in-bed use, it reduces instances of night time falls. The large capacity reservoir bag can be used multiple times in the night and emptied in the morning. The anti-reflux valve ensures no-spill. The caregiver can also relax and have an uninterrupted sleep.

  • Eliminate chances of infections

    Catheters and disposable under wears carry the risk of urinary tract infections. The Advantage urinal systems keep the fluid away from the skin reducing chances of skin infection and urinary tract infections.

  • No bladder-memory loss

    The signal mind sends to alert that it is time to urinate is called bladder-memory. Some urinary aids cause bladder-memory loss which can be difficult to reverse. However, Advantage urinals maintain bladder-memory.

Top 5 best-selling Advantage urinals:

1. Advantage Comfort Female Urinal System

Specifically designed for a woman’s body, it has a large opening for ease of use. Advantage Female urinal System is targeted towards women who have difficulty getting up in the night to make toilet trips. This includes, pregnant women on bed-rest, those with a bladder infection, and those suffering from frequent urination. It has a large capacity storage bag which can be attached to the bed frame and does not require emptying till morning. It also has a unique, non-absorbent, germ resistant ring, which keeps potential infections away. It gives all the advantages of Advantage urinal system listed above.

 Advantage Comfort Female Urinal System

2. Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System

 Advantage Comfort Male Urinal System

This is the most popular model from Advantage. Advantage Male Urinal System is targeted towards male users who need the system for longer duration. The user can be in different sitting or lying down positions while using this urinal. The large capacity bag can be conveniently hung on the bed frame. Its two-liters capacity makes it easy to use throughout the night and can be easily emptied the next morning. The anti-reflux valve makes it spill proof and allows the user and caregiver to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

3. Advantage Standard Urinal System

The target users include younger men who are physically very active and are suffering from an overactive bladder resulting in frequent urination. Advantage Standard Urinal System is perfect for use while camping, hunting or making long road trips. The user can be in different sitting or lying down positions while using this urinal. As with all the other Advantage urinals, its large reservoir bag allows it to use multiple times before it is emptied. It also has an optional tote which can be used to secretly place the urinal system when not in use.

 Advantage Standard Urinal System

4. Advantage Ultra Comfort Female Urinal System

 Advantage Ultra Comfort Female Urinal System

When compared to the other models of female urinal system, this model has a larger opening, is slightly taller, and has more padding ensuring increased comfort and better fit. Advantage ultra Female Urinal System is ultra-lightweight and does not get heavier as and when used. Its non-absorbent germ-resistant ring rules out the possibility of contracting any potential infections. The large capacity reservoir bag allows prolonged use. The optional privacy tote is machine washable and perfect for road trips. The urinal system when not in use can be discreetly placed in it.

5. Advantage Close Fit Male Urinal System

Designed for men with a contracted anatomy, Advantage Close Fit Urinal System provides a better seal and fit. The non-absorbent, germ resistant ring protects against possible infections. The large capacity storage bag can be easily attached to the bed frame and needs to be emptied only after multiple uses. Anti-reflux valve keeps it spill-proof. Optional privacy tote allows to hide the urinal when not in use.

 Advantage Close Fit Male Urinal System

Thus, using Advantage urinal systems can make the lives of those with incontinence issues and mobility concerns much easier, independent and dignified. It also eases out the tasks of a caregiver especially in the night when its prolonged use feature allows uninterrupted sleep. It is hygienic and easy to drain, clean and wash.


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