Reading Effortlessly

Reading is as important as writing. Well that’s what our elders have always told us. A well read person is always respected around the world. Wherever you go around the world, your knowledge and wisdom will always speak for you. But what does the practice of reading have that it makes it so important for gaining knowledge. Firstly, it is always better to learn things from someone who knows better and more than you, and hence, books on things you don’t know are a must. They are well documented and verified sources of learning something new. They help in improving language as well as in understanding a new idea or concept.

Why Does One Need Reading Aids?

Though reading technically doesn’t require a person to use any muscles except the eyes and the brain, holding a book and turning pages do require the use of our hands. First and foremost, speaking of reading, we can’t forget books. Books have pages and pages intend to fly or turn themselves when subjected to wind. Aids help those people who have had an injury or a surgery in some part of the hand or their arms which makes it difficult for them to hold a page down while reading. Page holders or clips help you hold down a page while reading so that the page doesn't flip itself suddenly. These tools firmly hold down a page and do not cover the text either. They are made of plastic and have strong pegs that hold them down firmly. They can be used on a book of any size.

Reading Aids for Turning Pages

Some people might have an injury or a condition in their fingers or hand that might restrict them from turning a page. Page turners are the perfect tools that can aid them. They are simple tools that look like sticks but work wonders for people who cannot turn pages or have a difficulty in turning pages. Many come with an attached clip, their handles are ergonomic, and the pointer or rubber end doesn’t damage the book in any way.

Reading Aids for Tablet and Phones

Tablets and phones also require the same usage of fingers and hands that one uses to read a book. A tablet stand is an apparatus that holds a table in various positions that enables a person to use it without holding it in their hands. It also enhances the viewing effect. People with impaired vision can also attach a magnifier easily to these stands. The clamps do not damage the surface they are attached to and the phone or tabled can be adjusted easily to whichever height or distance you deem fit. One can enjoy using the phone or tablet on their recliners, sofas, or comfortably on the bed.

How Do I Choose The Right Reading Aid?

Choosing the right reading aid depends on two major factors. Firstly, what is the medium of reading, for example do you want to read a book or do you want to read something on a phone or tablet. Page turners can be used in cases where you cannot or do not want to turn the pages using your hands or fingers.

1. Book and Magazine Stands: If you need help in holding a book down while reading it then we suggest you choose from the wide range of book holders and stands. They hold a book down with easy clamping on to the cover of the book or the top end with clamps. A set of stoppers keeps the book open and doesn’t let the page flip on its own.

Homecraft Folding Book and Magazine Stand

2. Phone or Tablet Stand: If you’re looking for something to hold a phone or tablet in place, we’d recommend using a phone or tablet holder or stand. They can be used almost anywhere and are pretty easy to use. They can clamped on bedrails, tables, chairs, etc. They can be adjusted as you please.

LEVO G2 Table Clamp Tablet Stand

3. Page Turners: If you need an aid for turning pages, then page turners with ergonomic handles should be chosen. Also ensure that they have a clip on to make sure the pages don’t fly open on their own. The turner itself should be comfortable to use.

Page Turner

Reading aids can help you enjoy a book comfortably without having to worry about the barriers that might stop a person with physical disabilities from enjoying a book with ease.


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