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Articles of April,2020

Keep Your Medicine Cabinet Stocked

Posted on Apr 29, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Nobody knows when a crisis or medical emergency will rear its ugly head. During a crisis, having a supply of medicines in hand or reserve can be critically important during a potential shortage and Health Products for You can help.

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What Medical Supplies Should Ostimates Have on Hand?

Posted on Apr 23, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Many people rely on a supply of ostomy related products to maintain their daily and long-term health. So, what would happen if their supply were to be interrupted? In case of a crisis, such as COVID-19and Health Products for You can help.

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Benefits of Auto Re-Order: Beyond Peace of Mind!!

Posted on Apr 21, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Wouldn’t it be great to have the peace of mind of knowing that your medical supplies will be there without having to remember to order them? This is where the automatic reordering of supplies is ideally suited. Let us at HPFY show you all the reasons why you should consider setting up an automatic reordering of your necessary medical supplies.

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Spina Bifida: Cause, Symptoms, and Treatments

Posted on Apr 14, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Spina bifida is a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don't form properly. By understanding what this disorder presents can prepare you for the unknowns that lay ahead. We here at HPFY can give you some of the information you need to succeed.

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Demystifying the Lifespan of the Coronavirus

Posted on Apr 08, 2020 by Hunaid Germanwala

It is a known fact that the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) mainly spreads from person to person. According to WHO, the Coronavirus can prevail for several hours to days on surfaces you touch frequently. Therefore, apart from social distancing you need to keep surfaces in your home disinfected.

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Psoriasis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Psoriasis

Posted on Apr 07, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Psoriasis can leave scaly, itchy red patches on your skin that can be sometimes painful. Here at HPFY we can give you some important information as to how to deal with Psoriasis. so you can improve your quality of life.

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How Is COVID-19 Impacting Our Relationships?

Posted on Apr 07, 2020 by Taikhum Sadiq

The entire world is going through an official or unofficial lockdown. With people not leaving their homes, a distinct positive shift is becoming visible in relationships, both with others and with us.When we come out of this lockdown and quarantine, we will hopefully all have stronger relationships with ourselves and people that matter the most to us.

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The Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for Cerebral Palsy

Posted on Apr 01, 2020 by Kevin Cleary

Cerebral palsy is a relatively common disorder and does not have a cure, unfortunately. Let us at HPFY give you some information to help you deal with cerebral palsy.

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