Benefits of Auto Re-Order: Beyond Peace of Mind!!

Benefits of Auto Re-Order: Beyond Peace of Mind!!

During a crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic, it can be completely unnerving to not be able to get necessary supplies. This can be doubly terrifying when the supplies you need are a medical necessity. Everything from ostomy supplies to items for incontinence are critically important to patients who rely on these products every day to maintain the quality of life they deserve and to avoid potential health issues. When things get hectic, wouldn’t it be great to have the peace of mind of knowing that your medical supplies will be there without having to remember to order them? This is where the automatic reordering of supplies is ideally suited. Let us at HPFY show you all the reasons why you should consider setting up an automatic reordering of your necessary medical supplies.

Auto Re-order

Why Should I Opt for Auto Re-Order?

For patients that use medical supplies every day the question begs to be asked as to why they should set up automatic reordering. Critical medical supplies such as catheters, adult briefs, and ostomy supplies such as ostomy systems or adhesives are not something to be left to chance during a crisis. The reasons for establishing the automatic reordering of your supplies are quite wide-ranging and they can include:

  1. Convenience: It is a time-saving endeavor to set up automatic reordering for any medical supplies you may have. Order once and have your supplies delivered to your home at whatever interval you may need.
  2. Peace of mind: Who hasn’t forgotten to buy or order an important medical supply or necessity? By establishing a recurring automatic order there is no need to remember when and how much you need to order.
  3. Discounts: Many medical suppliers will offer a discount if you subscribe to them and set up your account for automatic reordering. A penny saved is a penny earned!!
  4. Stay on schedule: For those that use daily catheters or other medical supplies that require a schedule, an enrollment in automatic reordering takes the stress out of remembering to reorder your supplies in order to maintain your schedule.

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, but your medical supplies are far more important. The benefits of enrolling in an automatic reordering process can make your life so much easier. Not having to worry about remembering to order your supplies is one less thing you need to occupy your valuable time. Also, being able to stay on any timed schedule in order to maintain your health can only benefit from auto reordering. Set up an auto reordering schedule with HPFY and let us get you your supplies on time!!


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