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Respironics Sidestream Reusable Nebulizer

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Measure your peak flows and save yourself from an emergency room visit!

Respironics Sidestream Reusable Nebulizer is a medical device used for delivering medication to the lungs in the form of a fine mist. It is designed to be used with a nebulizer machine and can be used for both home and clinical settings. Its unique design allows it to deliver medication more efficiently than traditional nebulizers. It uses a sidestream design, which means that the medication is delivered through a small hole in the nebulizer cup rather than through the traditional center opening. This design allows for faster and more efficient medication delivery, less waste, and fewer clogs. This Sidestream reusable nebulizer delivers 2.5ml of drug output within 7 minutes and is less time-consuming.

The Sidestream Nebulizer has received glowing reviews for its innovative design. Users love the angled mouthpiece that delivers medication directly to the back of the mouth and throat, ensuring optimal lung absorption. The nebulizer's fast inhalation times have impressed many, while others appreciate the affordable price and timely delivery. The bundle option of 10 nebulizers is a hit among customers, offering both quality and value. COPD patients have found the nebulizer's easy draw and medication expulsion prevention through expiration valves invaluable. Overall, the Philips Sidestream reusable nebulizer is praised for its effective design, affordability, and positive impact on respiratory health.

Respironics Sidestream Reusable Nebulizer Features

  • Optimal patient care with minimal administrative effort
  • Efficient Drug Delivery: Highly efficient, 80% of drug output volume is below 5 microns in size
  • This nebulizer offers consistent fast, efficient, and economical drug delivery, time after time
  • Keeps the driving air and liquid drug separate
  • Combined with the use of durable materials, enables reproducibility in performance and minimizes the potential for wear and blockage
  • Low residual volume
  • Easy to use and clean, dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Latex free
  • Reusable Nebulizer can be used for 6 months before replacing

Reasons To Choose Sidestream Nebulizer

  • Unique venturi design offers faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times
  • The Venturi system boosts the airflow supplied by the compressor
  • 80% of the most commonly prescribed medications can be filled
  • Rely on consistent treatment
  • Delivers aerosol therapy medication quickly and efficiently
  • Can be used with a mask or mouthpiece

Parts Description

  • Mouthpiece:
    • This is part of the nebulizer that the patient uses to inhale the medication. It is made of a soft, flexible plastic material designed to fit comfortably in the patient's mouth.
  • Light blue lid:
    • It covers the nebulizer cup and helps to prevent any airborne particles or contaminants from entering the nebulizer cup and potentially affecting the medication
  • Medicine Cup:
    • This is the main body of the nebulizer, where the medication is placed for aerosolization. It is made of a clear, hard plastic material and has a capacity of 10 ml.
  • Tubing:
    • This flexible tube connects the nebulizer to the compressor or air source. It is usually made of a clear, flexible plastic material and is approximately 7 feet long.
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Respironics Sidestream Technology

Sidestream Technology

  • The sidestream active venturi system provides additional flow to the patient of up to 16 lpm above compressor output for the delivery, resulting in faster treatment time.

  • The innovative diamond jet design consistently produces maximum aerosol quality respirable output.

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How to use Philips Respironics Sidestream Nebulizer?

Wash your hands before handling medication or the nebulizer.

Connect the tubing to the compressor

1. Connect one end of the tubing to the nebulizer compressor air outlet

Attach the other end of the tubing to medicine cup

2. Attach the other end of the tubing to the bottom of the medicine cup

Unscrew the top from the medicine cup

3. Unscrew the top from the medicine cup

Pour medication in the Respironics Sidestream Nebulizer

4. Pour the prescribed medication into the medicine cup, 2-10ml fill.

Screw the top back

5. Screw the top back onto the medicine cup and connect the mouthpiece/mask.


Note - Do not lay the nebulizer down on its side because the medication will spill out. It is recommended to replace SideStream every 6 months.

Taking treatment

  1. To take the treatment, sit in an upright position and relax
  2. Switch on the compressor and supply flow to 6-8l/min. Make sure mist is visibly coming from the mouthpiece/mask.
  3. Take the mouthpiece between your teeth, surround it with your lips, and breathe in and out slowly through your mouth, or place the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe slowly in and out through your mouth.

When the sidestream nebulizer begins to work intermittently and ‘sputters’, then the treatment is finished. There is no need to nebulize every drop of your medication, there will always be a small amount left in the medicine cup.

Cleaning Instructions

  • After every use -
    1. Disconnect the SideStream from the tubing. Unscrew the top from the medicine cup, rinse out the nebulizer, and refill it with clean water.
    2. Reassemble the top and medicine cup, reconnect the tubing, and run SideStream again for a few seconds to flush out any drug trapped in the nebulizer jets.
    3. Take apart the nebulizer.
    4. Disconnect the tubing from the medicine cup.
    5. Wash all items (except tubing) in either hot soapy water or contained within a basket on the top rack of your dishwasher.
    6. Rinse all parts in clean water for 2 minutes.
    7. Shake off excess water and allow to air dry. Do not towel dry.
    8. Reassemble and store the SideStream in a clean place when not in use.
  • Once a week -
    1. Disassemble the nebulizer.
    2. Boil the SideStream (except tubing) in water with 2–3 drops of dishwashing liquid for 10 minutes.
    3. Rinse all parts in clean water for 2 minutes.
    4. Shake off excess water and allow to air dry. Do not towel dry.
    5. Reassemble and store it in a clean place when not in use.

Note - It is recommended to boil your reusable SideStream (except for tubing) in water (minimum 212° F) with 2–3 drops of dishwashing liquid for 10 minutes. This reusable nebulizer provides maximum aerosol performance.

Warnings -

  • Clogged jets or improper assembly may prevent the proper delivery of medication.
  • To reduce the risk of infection, clean and disinfect the nebulizer between treatments

Cautions -

  • Do not try to remove the red jet from the medicine cup. This is permanently attached.
  • Do not towel dry the unit, and never use a cleaning brush or put sharp objects into the jet holes or baffles, as this will damage the nebulizer.
  • Not suitable for use in a ventilator circuit
  • Do not remove the top when connected to the gas supply
  • The use of 22mm male connectors may reduce the output rate

Respironics Sidestream Reusable Nebulizer User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Respironics sidestream nebulizers be reused?

Yes, reusable nebulizers can be used several times once cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to avoid any bacteria that cause lung infections.

2. How often should you change your nebulizer kit?

All nebulizer sets should be changed every six months.

3. Will Respironics nebulizer work without a filter?

The nebulizer will not work without the filter because normal air particles and contaminants may ruin the compressor if used without a clean air filter.

4. How many nebulizer treatments can I do in a day?

The nebulizer solution is used up to three to four times a day. Follow the directions on your prescription label carefully, and if there is anything you don't understand, ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain it to you.

5. Can I get a replacement baffle or separate pieces for my sidestream nebulizer?

Only complete nebulizers can be purchased if parts are lost or damaged.

6. Why is the medication bubbling but no mist/aerosol coming out?

It sounds like you have assembled it without the baffle (the mushroom-shaped piece that goes in the middle). You need to make sure this is in place otherwise, it will not work.

7. Why is there some drug left at the bottom?

There will always be some left that cannot be nebulized into an aerosol (about 1ml) - do not worry, this is normal. Just throw it away and wash it out thoroughly.

8. What is the reason that no mist is coming out of my nebulizer?

Make sure the tubing pieces and medicine chamber are all firmly connected. If there is any loose connection, the nebulizer will not work properly. Check for any blockages that may prevent mist from forming.

Respironics Sidestream Reusable Nebulizer Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Venturi Air Entrainment 10 L/min
Aerosol Flow to Patient 16 L/min
Driving Gas 6 L/min


Philips Reusable Sidestream Nebulizer Reviews


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