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Respironics SideStream Disposable Nebulizer

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Measure your peak flows and save yourself from an emergency room visit!

Respironics SideStream Disposable Nebulizer is a handheld nebulizer designed to aerosolize medication approved for nebulization. Its unique Venturi design offers faster drug delivery with shorter treatment times. It can be used with all commonly prescribed respiratory medications. The disposable nature of this nebulizer set eliminates the need for regular cleaning and maintenance, offering convenience and hygiene for individuals requiring frequent nebulization treatments.

Customers rave about the SideStream Nebulizer, praising its convenience, performance, and efficiency. They have experienced a noticeable improvement in their respiratory condition thanks to the high-quality aerosol mist and effective medication delivery provided by the SideStream technology. With reduced treatment times and user-friendly assembly, this nebulizer set is highly recommended for anyone seeking a hassle-free and reliable nebulization solution.

Why use SideStream Disposable Nebulizer?

  • Faster drug delivery: 2.5ml of drug output within 7 minutes
  • Highly efficient: 80% of drug output below 5 microns
  • Aerosol Output: 0.49ml
  • Output rate: 0.09mL/min
  • Treatment time: 7 minutes
  • Low residual volume
  • Usage: 2 weeks replacement time
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Respironics SideStream Disposable Nebulizer HS800 Features

  • Offers fast, efficient, and economical drug delivery so that patients can spend more time on their normal activities
  • SideStream Venturi system enhances output, i.e., 80% of drug output volume is below 5 microns in size
  • The durability enables reproducibility in performance and minimizes the potential of wear and blockage
  • Speeds up treatment time by using five aerosol-producing jet holes instead of one, providing additional flow to the patients of up to 16 Lpm above compressor output
  • Fewer parts to assemble or clean than other conventional nebulizers
  • Disposable nebulizers can be used for 2 weeks before replacing

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SideStream Technology

SideStream Technology
  • Venturi System: Provides a faster delivery rate resulting in shorter treatment times than other conventional nebulizers

  • Innovative Jet Design: Provides consistently high-quality aerosol

Difference Between Reusable and Disposable Sidestream Nebulizers

The following are the major differences between disposable and reusable nebulizers by Respironics:

  • Intended Use:
    • Reusable Nebulizer: Designed to be used multiple times over an extended period. It is suitable for individuals who require frequent nebulization treatments and prefer a more sustainable option.
    • Disposable Nebulizer: Intended for single-use. It is designed to be used once and then discarded. This option offers convenience and eliminates the need for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Design:
    • Reusable Nebulizer: Comes with a light blue lid and mouthpiece with a medicine cup and tubing.
    • Disposable Nebulizer: It has a dark blue lid, white mouthpiece, medicine cup, and tubing.
  • Replacement:
    • Reusable Nebulizer: They are replaced after six months of use.
    • Disposable Nebulizer: They are replaced after two weeks of use.

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How to use Respironics SideStream Nebulizer?

Connect the tubing to the compressor

1. Connect the tubing to the compressor and medicine cup.

2. Unscrew the lid

2. Unscrew the lid.

3. Fill the medicine cup

3. Fill the medicine cup.

4. Connect the mouthpiece

4. Replace the lid. Connect mouthpiece.

5. Start the compressor

5. Plug in the compressor and turn on the switch of the compressor.

6. Start the treatment

6. Sit upright, relax, and slowly breathe in and out.


Cleaning Instructions

  1. Disconnect the SideStream nebulizer from the tubing
  2. Disassemble and wash all parts in warm, soapy water (except the tubing)
  3. Rinse in clean water and air-dry

Technical Specifications

Size Minimum flow 6 LPM @ 69 kPa Maximum flow 8 LPM @ 124 kPa Recommended flow 6 LPM @ 69 kPa
Particle Size (MMAD = Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter) 2.9 3.1 2.9
Aerosol output 0.49 mL (2.5 mUsalbutamol) 0.42 mL (2.5 mUsalbutamol) 0.49 mL (2.5 mUsalbutamol)
Aerosol output rate 0.09 mUmin (2.5 mUsalbutamol) 0.15 mUmin (2.5 mUsalbutamol) 0.09 mUmin (2.5 mUsalbutamol)
Medicine cup capacity Minimum 2 mL — maximum 10 mL Minimum 2 mL — maximum 10 mL Minimum 2 mL — maximum 10 mL

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times can you use this disposable Nebulizer?

Respironics Sidestream Disposable Nebulizer can be used for two weeks before replacement is required.

2. Is the SideStream nebulizer compatible with my nebulizer compressor?

The SideStream disposable nebulizer is compatible with most standard nebulizer compressor systems. However, checking the compatibility with your specific nebulizer compressor model is always recommended.

3. How does the Respironics SideStream nebulizer work?

It uses a Venturi system and innovative jet design to generate a high-velocity airflow. This airflow passes through the medication in the nebulizer cup, creating a fine mist of inhalable particles that the patient can easily inhale.

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