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Kevin Cleary

Kevin Cleary has been a Health Products For You contributor for many years and has a degree in marketing. His health and wellness journey has a very personal meaning and has guided him in his content writing for HPFY.

In 2006, he sustained an injury while jumping on a trampoline with his son, severely injuring his neck and has been living as a quadriplegic since. His injury forced him to learn facets of the medical product field that he would otherwise not have known.

After several years of therapy, he has used many medical devices such as wheelchairs, standing frames, neuromuscular stimulators, as well as other rehab/therapy items that have helped him live life to the fullest. This hands-on insight has helped him with research and content creation.

Kevin enjoys sampling cuisines from different countries, listening to music, watching sports and enjoying a glass of single malt scotch!

Keep Your Bandages in Place with Dressing Retainers

Kevin Cleary Jun 16, 2021

Proper wound care may require dressing retainers in order to expedite healing and Health Products for You has what you need.

Pair These Mobility Aids with Your Wheelchair/Scooter

Kevin Cleary Jun 29, 2021

To make your wheelchair more effective Health Products for You has a variety of mobility aids to make things easier.</p> <p>For anyone in a wheelchair, the knowledge that the world is not a flat place is nothing new. Traversing uneven terrain, stairs, and even curbs is commonplace for anyone who has spent even a little time in a wheelchair. Until we can find a way to make the world a flat pl

Ice It!! Cold Therapy Systems

Kevin Cleary Jun 29, 2021

The benefits of cold therapy are well documented and Health Products for You can show you the best cold therapy systems.

10 Medical Aids You Can’t Live Without

Kevin Cleary Jul 20, 2021

Finding medical aids to make this routine, daily activities easier can be a major step in maintaining your independence and quality of life. We here at HPFY can show you 10 great daily medical aids to make your everyday life simpler and easier.

Urological Accessories to Optimize Your FSA Dollars & Incontinence Plan

Kevin Cleary Jul 21, 2021

For those whose employers offer a Flexible Spending Account or FSA for employee healthcare contributions, it is important to understand that any employee contributions that don’t get used or spent are forfeited at the end of the year. Utilize your FSA dollars on accessories for your urological medical aids and Health Products for You has what you need.

Reap the Benefits of Aquatic Rehab Therapy

Kevin Cleary Jul 21, 2021

Aquatic rehab therapy has some very unique benefits and Health Products for You can explain these to

Five FSA Eligible Products for the Holidays To Explore

Kevin Cleary Jul 27, 2021

This holiday season is a great time to look at your Flexible Spending Account or FSA to make sure you maximize your pretax contributions. Many of these FSA eligible medical aids or products can make wonderful gifts. Shop Now!

How and When to Use a Condom Catheter

Kevin Cleary Jul 27, 2021

One option for male incontinence is a condom catheter and Health Products for You can tell you how and when to use them.

The Five Stages of Parkinson’s Disease

Kevin Cleary Aug 12, 2021

Understanding the 5 stages of Parkinson’s Disease can help with early detection and treatment and Health Products for You can help.

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Rollator: Which One Is Right for You?

Kevin Cleary Aug 19, 2021

For those who opt for a rollator, choosing the right one makes all the difference. At HPFY, we help you choose between 3 wheels or 4 wheel rollators. Learn more

5 Best Eczema Creams

Kevin Cleary Sep 13, 2021

Eczema relief is doubly important. As anybody who has suffered from the disorder will tell you, those itchy, red rashes cause both skin and social discomfort. While eczema is common in children, it can occur at any age and is often accompanied by asthma or hay fever. Over 3 million cases are diagnosed every year in the US. Eczema, or Atopic Dermatitis formally, is a chronic issue and can flare at any time. It has no cure, but treatment can help alleviate the itching and prevent future breakouts.

FSA vs HSA: What's the difference?

Kevin Cleary Nov 08, 2021

as FSA means Flexible Spending Account and HSA (Health Savings Account) are closely related