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10 Health Benefits of a Humidifier

10 Health Benefits of a Humidifier
Kevin Cleary

Key Takeaways:

  • Cold, dry indoor air can lead to chapped lips, bloody noses, dry sinuses, and worsened asthma symptoms.
  • Humidifiers help alleviate those problems by adding moisture to your home environment.
  • Humidifiers offer many health benefits, including cough relief, congestion relief, cold/flu prevention, allergy reduction, improved skin, and many others, as explained in the article.
  • If you still experience congestion or irritation despite using a humidifier, consult your doctor to rule out underlying medical conditions.


Cold, dry air (especially indoors) during winter can have negative effects other than static electricity zapping. This colder air during winter has less moisture or humidity, which can lead to some uncomfortable health issues. I’m sure you have experienced chapped lips, a bloody nose, or dry nasal sinuses. Also, people affected by asthma can have it triggered by this dry indoor air, especially when paired with cold temperatures. I’ll give you 10 health benefits a humidifier may bring to your home. 

Why Do I Need Humidity? 

Winter air differs from other times of the year in the sense that it is cold and dry. I’m sure you heard the term humidity, but do you know what that means? All it means is the amount of moisture in the air. If you’ve ever been to Florida in August, you know what I mean!! Asthma sufferers can be negatively affected by winter air because chilly air can trigger asthma due to the drying out and irritation in the airways. Humidifiers can add moisture to the air and prevent dryness that can irritate your respiratory system. Humidifiers are available in several types, including: 

  • Steam vaporizers 
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers 
  • Evaporators 
  • Central humidifiers 
  • Impeller humidifiers 

10 Health Benefits Of A Humidifier

Health Benefits of Humidifier

Having a humidifier in your home can be beneficial. While dry air may seem innocent and benign, it can have negative effects on you. So, what is a humidifier good for? Well, the health benefits of a humidifier can include: 

  1. Cough Relief

     Cold, dry air can trigger upper respiratory contraction, causing us to cough. Adding moisture to the air can reduce this irritation. 
  2. Relief from Congestion

    Humidifiers can help loosen congestion by moistening the nasal passages. During illness, our respiratory tract generates mucus, and when this mucus dries, it can be difficult to blow our nose or cough. 
  3. Cold/Flu Prevention

    By increasing humidity levels above 43%, we can minimize the impact of airborne viruses by lowering the infectivity rate by adding moisture to the air as opposed to when humidity levels are lower. 
  4. Reduce Allergies

    Allergy symptoms include nasal congestion, irritation, and inflammation. A humidifier helps with congestion, and the increased humidity helps nasal tissue blow out irritants and allergens from nasal cavities. 
  5. Improve Skin

    Dry air can make skin flaky, red, and itchy. Humidifiers add moisture that avoids skin discomfort and moisturizes skin
  6. Minimize Asthma Symptoms

    Cold, dry winter air in our home can trigger asthma symptoms. The use of a humidifier can absorb asthmatic triggers, relieving the respiratory tract and minimizing asthma symptoms. 
  7. Improved Sleep

    Who hasn’t woken up because of a stuffy nose or dry cough? Adding moisture to the air can minimize dry air effects on our noses and nasal cavities and provide comfortable sleep. This is why humidifiers are added to CPAP machines to help us breathe. 
  8. Air Quality

    Humidifiers can add moisture to the air, improving overall air quality. Moist air is healthier for you, so breathing can improve, and contaminants can be minimized. 
  9. Sinus Relief

    For those with sinusitis, humidifiers' added moisture can help minimize symptoms by eliminating dry air. Also, by adding moisture to the sinuses, it can be easier to blow our noses. 
  10. Indoor Plant Benefits

    Besides helping us, humidifiers can add moisture to the air, which is beneficial to indoor plants. Dry air can cause houseplants to dry and wilt; increased humidity makes them healthier and produces oxygen that we humans like. Not to mention make our homes friendlier and cozier. 

When to Seek Medical Attention 

If you still experience congestion or irritation in your nose, sinuses, or lungs even after using a humidifier, you should see your doctor. You could be suffering from: 

  • A sinus infection 
  • Bronchitis 
  • COPD 
  • Other respiratory infections 

Where can you buy the best humidifier?

Winter air can be dry and irritating. Using a humidifier in your home is generally a welcome benefit because it adds moisture to the air. Why is a humidifier good? Well, a humidifier can benefit you when you are sick, congested, or suffer from dry, itchy skin. Visit HPFY for a wide range of humidifiers that can keep your indoor air moist and healthy. The humidifier benefits while sleeping, for your skin, and congestion can help improve your daily health and well-being. 



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