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Laura Castricone, CRT

LinkedIn Profile My name is Laura Castricone and I am a Certified Respiratory Therapist. I have been practicing in the state of Connecticut since 1992. I have worked in several aspects of respiratory care including sleep medicine, critical care, rehab, and home care. I earned my respiratory certification at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT. Prior to becoming an RT, I attended the University of Connecticut pursuing a degree in English but left Uconn in my junior year to work with my father in the restaurant business. I stayed with him for over a dozen years. An education, by the way, that can never be bought! Once I married and had children, the restaurant business no longer fit my lifestyle. When my children were one and two years old, I decided to go back to school and that is where my career in respiratory care began. This career has been very rewarding and I have been blessed to meet some extraordinary people along the way. I grew up in Waterbury, CT, and now live in Litchfield County, CT with my husband and our crazy Jack Russell terrier, Hendrix. My hobbies include antiquing, gardening, writing plays, and painting miniature paintings.


Controlling Indoor Allergens and Pollution

Laura Castricone, CRT Apr 06, 2022

When we talk about “indoor” allergens/pollutants we are referring to what we are exposed to when at home or in a workplace environment. Indoor allergens may include mold, fumes, off-gassing of objects, pollens, dust, exposure to mice, rat or cockroach droppings, food smells, and perfumes. These are just several of the major offenders.

What is Sinus Infection?

Laura Castricone, CRT Apr 06, 2022

To understand what a sinus infection is, you need to know the role of your sinuses, and where they are located. The human nasal sinus system is an area of air-filled space in the bones that are connected to the nasal cavity. Depending on which bones consist of the sinus spaces will dictate the name of the sinus.

Dealing With Life Changes : Life in Transition

Laura Castricone, CRT Apr 25, 2022

Our lives are always in flux. Job changes or loss, the passing of a loved one, changes in our living situations, financial issues, divorce, babies being born, kids leaving the nest. The list of things that can change our lives significantly is endless. Some transitions are planned and many are unplanned. When faced with a cataclysmic change in life or lifestyle, what should we do?

Caregiving Services : What is Caregiving?

Laura Castricone, CRT Apr 25, 2022

Caregivers, who now are most often family members, are a very important part of the healthcare continuum. Without the assistance of in-home caregiving, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehab centers would be overwhelmed and costs would rise higher than insurance would be willing to cover. The average age of a caregiver is 49, however, there are a large number of elderly folks (approx. 10%) who have been thrust into the role. One of the biggest obstacles is getting help for the caregivers themselves. 48 million Americans are caregivers for someone 18yrs of age or older. The majority of people in this role have had no formal training in nursing or nursing care.

Deep Breathing Exercises for Everyone

Laura Castricone, CRT Apr 25, 2022

Before I became a respiratory therapist, I thought that I knew how to breathe. I guess I just took it for granted that you inhale and exhale and that’s it. But it turns out that there are many breathing techniques that can help in various situations (i.e., stress, shortness of breath, and anxiety.) I will discuss just a few breathing techniques that we employ for our lung impaired patients, and some techniques that are used to help with stress or anxiety.

Tips for Healthy Lungs in the Summer

Laura Castricone, CRT Apr 25, 2022

Summertime can be the best time of the year for some of the worst times of year for others. Anyone who suffers from a breathing issue can tell you that those hot, humid summer days can be daunting. As we are aware, breathing is a mechanism of inhaling the air around us, utilizing the oxygen in that air to transfer into our circulatory system, and exhaling the by-products that are mostly carbon dioxide.

Current Public Health Issues

Laura Castricone, CRT May 05, 2022

Public health affects everyone. Whether or not you are directly affected or are part of the ‘trickle-down’ effect, these emerging diseases and health care situations cost our system millions each year.

CPAP Cleaner: How to Cleanse CPAP

Laura Castricone, CRT May 09, 2022

If you or your loved one uses a PAP machine, you are well aware of the daily cleaning that is involved. There are multiple parts to the unit that require disassembly and washing every day.

Drug Addiction Treatment – A Woman’s Journey

Laura Castricone, CRT May 17, 2022

A family history of drug use or abuse is a big predictor of future drug abuse by children raised in that environment. It changes the brain and how it responds. They target the reward center in the brain and create feelings of euphoria. Drug addicts are constantly chasing that feeling of euphoria which normally entails increased use of the offender.

Healthy Brain And Cognitive Function In Old Age

Laura Castricone, CRT May 19, 2022

Our brain is the control center of our bodies, it regulates bodily functions, stores memories & inherits traits that make us who we are. Exercise, a good diet, & proper sleep keep our body & brain healthy.

Your Guide for Choosing a Tub Transfer Bench

Laura Castricone, CRT May 24, 2022

A tub transfer bench allows the person to enter and exit the shower easily and safely. This equipment straddles the bathtub (two legs outside of the tub and two legs inside of the tub) and allows the user to slide into and out of the tub with or without assistance. A tub transfer bench is wider than a shower chair and normally has adjustable legs to accommodate any bathtub.

Your Guide For Choosing A Urinary Catheter

Laura Castricone, CRT Jun 24, 2022

There is a lot more that goes into choosing a urinary catheter than many realize. While size is the most considered feature, there are many more aspects and benefits that you should be aware of when choosing a catheter. Overall, intermittent catheters are for urinary retention, while indwelling catheters and external catheters are used for urinary incontinence.