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Which Incontinence Product is Best for You?

Which Incontinence Product is Best for You?
Anushree Kothari

There is a wide variety of incontinence products available and it is important to choose a product that best suits your requirements. Choosing from a wide range of products can often put you in a dilemma of what product is the best fit for your needs. This choice basically depends on your unique requirements and personal preferences. Deeper knowledge of different types of products for urinary incontinence can help you in better management of incontinence.

Reusable or Disposable Undergarments

Both reusable and disposable incontinence underwear come with pros and cons. Reusable underwear are usually soft, comfortable and give a feeling of regular underwear. However, they are less absorbent than disposable underwear and can also become bulky. Reusable incontinence products are suggested if you experience part-time incontinence and do not feel the requirement of heavy protection. They are more eco-friendly than the disposable options and do not add up to the landfills.

Disposable underwear are recommended if you experience frequent incontinence and need higher degree of absorption. They are based on advanced technology that absorbs liquid and neutralizes odor. Their wicking capabilities provide better skin protection by pulling liquid away from the skin. Many of the disposable underwear have cloth-like outer surface and breathable side panels. Occasionally, the side panels can be stretchable to provide a snug fit while you move.

The best way to judge which incontinence product will best fulfil your needs is to try out different types.

Diapers or Pull Up Underwear

Adult diapers and protective underwear are two of the most absorbent incontinence undergarments. To choose the one that best fits your requirements, it is important to understand the difference between them.

Adult diapers or adult briefs are absorbent enough to provide protection from heavy to severe incontinence. They can be used for overnight protection as well. Adult diapers help those with limited mobility or who require assistance of caretakers. Their refastenable tape tabs make it easier to change the diaper while sitting or lying without completely removing the clothing. Most of the diapers come with a wetness indicator to show caregivers that it is the time to change the diaper.

  Adult Diapers

Protective underwear or pull up underwear provide protection from moderate to heavy incontinence and help in maintaining active lifestyle. They can be pulled up and down just like regular underwear. These form-fitting underwear are specifically designed to fit the male and female anatomy. Pull up underwear feature elastic waistbands, breathable panels and anti-leak guards for ultimate comfort and maximum protection. Their tear away side seams maintain independence and dignity of users by providing easy removal.

Protective Underwear

Pantiliners or Bladder Control Pads

Pantiliners are feminine care products designed to absorb light urine leakage or vaginal discharge. These incontinence supplies for women can also be used as a backup for unexpected periods. Pantiliners line inside the panties and are held in place mostly with the help of adhesive strips. Their thin design allows them to mold to the underwear and provide comfort. However, if worn as the only protection against menstrual flow, they may not be able to provide adequate protection. Pantiliners keep you fresh all day long, provide extra protection during periods, manage discharge, protect against bladder leaks, catch surprise periods and absorb light postpartum flow.


Bladder control pads are specifically designed to absorb the rapid release of urine. These urine protection pads absorb fluid in seconds and give you the confidence required for leading an active lifestyle. They have a unique absorbent layer that pulls the moisture away from the skin, keeping it dry, comfortable and free of odors. Bladder control pads prevent the chances of developing skin rashes by neutralizing the acidic urine.

Bladder Control Pads


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