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Top 8 Reachers

Top 8 Reachers
Kevin Cleary

As we age, we tend to experience reduced/limited mobility or a physical limitation to our reach around the house. Reaching for something on the top shelf, the remote that fell behind the sofa, or dressing/undressing can become more and more difficult, if not even dangerous. No matter the reason, it would be ideal to have a way to reach these things safely and easily. We here at HPFY can give you the lowdown on eight great reachers or grabbers that may fit the bill for what you need.

There’s More Than One?

A reacher may seem like a pretty standard piece of daily living equipment, but there are a number of varieties and options available to those who need it. Since every person is individually different and so is their mobility limitation, wouldn’t it seem logical that reachers and grabbers would have a variety of options to appeal to these different limitations? As it turns out, this is true and there are a plethora of reachers that can benefit you and some of them include:

  • Aluminum Frame Reachers: These are made of lightweight aluminum and are easy to use.
  • Magnetic Tip Reachers: Equipped with a magnet at the end to pick up small metallic objects (especially around the workshop).
  • Foldable Reachers: Users that are faced with limited space/storage or need to carry their reacher with them can benefit from these.
  • Rotating Head Reachers: For objects that are in hard-to-reach spaces, this reacher has a rotating head to reach everything you need.
  • Reachers with Trigger Mechanism: These provide a tight grip on the object you need to reach with a secure and safe grasp.
  • Reachers with Suction Cups: This reacher can securely grab and hold slippery items that may be more difficult to control.

Eight Great Options

Great, just when you thought a basic piece of daily living equipment was simple, the world throws options at you that require a decision. Nothing is ever easy!! When looking for a reacher or grabber, it is important to understand your limitations or needs and where you may need to use it. Here are eight great options to choose from:

  • Lightweight Aluminum Reacher: Made from aluminum and available in two lengths (26” & 32”), this reacher is strong and easy to use while reaching for items that would normally be out of reach while weighing less than 1 pound. It can also be used as a dressing aid!!
  • Sammons Preston Feather Reach Reacher: This lightweight aluminum reacher has a highly visible 3” yellow jaw opening and has a slip resistant surface for a safe and secure grip on whatever object you’re grabbing for. It even features a clip for storing it on a wheelchair or walker.
  • FabLife Deluxe Open Jaw Pistol Grip Reacher: Designed for those with limited reach and hand strength, this grabber allows users to access objects or help with dressing. The lightweight metal shaft is tipped with a magnet for picking up small metallic objects and is available in 26” and 32” options with pistol grips. You can even opt for a folding version!!
  • Norco FeatherLite Reacher with Ergonomic Handle and Magnet: Designed with a handle that is ergonomically comfortable and only requires 7 ounces of pressure to close the jaws, this reacher is great at pulling clothing on/off or reaching objects securely with soft, molded tip grooves. It can hold lightweight objects up to 2 ¾” wide and weighs only 6.2 ounces for the regular size and 7.2 ounces for the longer version.
  • Essential Medical Deluxe Reacher with Fully Rotating Head: With two lengths available (26” and 32.5”) and a full 360° rotation head, this reacher allows the user to pick up items without having to rotate their arm and possibly lose strength. The unique trigger design allows for use with another hand and has a built-in wrist support with a magnet in the head and a hanging device for storage.
  • Sammons Preston Handi Reacher with Rotating Jaws Hook and Magnet: For those with limited grip strength or need help dressing, this reacher features a dressing aid hook designed for dressing/undressing and a magnetic tip for grabbing light metallic objects. It is lightweight and easy to hold while featuring 360° rotation to avoid pain or discomfort for the user.
  • Carex Metal Reacher with Magnetic Tip: Made from lightweight aluminum and easy to use, this reacher is designed for individuals who may have limited range of motion or arthritis and has magnetic tips for grabbing metallic objects. Simple and durable, it can help maintain independent living for users by helping them dress or reach objects that would normally be out of reach.
  • Medline Ultra Reacher with Nonslip Rubber for Secure Grip: The full handgrip design of this reacher allows for the use of all four fingers for greater grip strength and has nonslip rubber tabs over the composite jaws for a more secure grip on items. This can reduce the distance someone in a bed or wheelchair needs to reach, therefore reducing the risk of accidental falling. This lightweight and economical reacher only weighs 14 oz. and easily provides a tight grip on the smallest objects.

Being able to reach and safely grab items or aid in dressing and undressing can return a sense of independence and maintain our quality of life even when our mobility or grasp becomes diminished. Even though these medical aids seem to do the same thing, each one has slightly different specs that may be ideally suited for you. Reach out and grab something!!


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