Top Eight Gardening and Landscaping Aids

Top Eight Gardening and Landscaping Aids

Summer is just around the corner and spring will come back with all its gusto and joy. But with it comes the vociferous sprouting season, when grass, shrubs, bushes, and weeds all-around your house will begin to take over your surroundings. This is the time when one takes out their gardening tools and gets to work. But the old school gardening tools such as a pair of clippers and a hack sickle is something outdated, which will not only waste your energy but will also take up a lot of your time. HPFY brings to you eight of the best gardening and landscaping aids to make this gardening season easier, comfortable, and fun.

1. Earthwise Electric String Trimmer

A portable and ready to use trimmer for fast and efficient trimming, the Earthwise 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric String Trimmer has a fast-charge, rechargeable 20-Volt, 2.0 Amp lithium-Ion battery, delivering 8,500 RPMs of power for efficient, powerful trimming. It features an adjustable cutting width of 10" to 12". The 3-position cutting head adjusts for specific trimming and edging needs.

Features of Earthwise Electric String Trimmer

  • Has a flip-down edge guard which protects what the user does not want to be trimmed
  • Gives the look of a professionally maintained yard
  • An upper handle rotates 180 degrees for the right comfortable hold and control
  • The auxiliary handle also adjusts front to back and left to right so those hard to reach areas are easily managed
  • A telescoping shaft adjusts to personal preference and the rubber over-molded handle provides a comfortable grip
  • Automatic line feed eliminates the bumping action to advance more line
  • No gas, no oil, no fumes
Earthwise 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric String Trimmer

2. Earthwise Blower Vac Mulcher

Designed to clean up the yard in one go, the Earthwise Blower Vac Mulcher has a 2-bushel capacity vacuum collection bag and 16:1 mulching ratio for convenient yard cleanup all year long. With variable speeds of 150 mph to 230 mph, it is strong enough to vac and mulch or blows away everyday lightweight yard waste.

Features of Earthwise Blower Vac Mulcher

  • The 22" blower tube and 34 1/4" vac tube snap on for an easy change of function
  • Blower tube has a convenient angled nozzle to get around obstacles
  • No tools required, everything snaps right into place and is ready to use
  • It also includes a handy cord retention hook to keep cords connected and out of the way
  • No gas or oil needed - which means no fumes
Earthwise Blower Vac Mulcher

3. Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Cascading Fountain

Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Cascading Fountain is solar powered 4 tier cascading fountain that includes a separate solar panel with 10-foot cable and operates in direct sunlight. Simply install the fountain and enjoy, there are no operating costs or wiring required. This solar-powered fountain uses a low voltage solar pump to constantly re-circulate water from its main bowl reservoir, continually recycling the water.

Features of Smart Solar Cascading Fountain

  • Creates a relaxing atmosphere on patio, deck, balcony or in garden
  • Four blueberry colored pots flow water into reservoir bowl
  • Low voltage pump recycles water from the bowl
  • Powered by solar energy with separate solar panel
  • No wiring, simply install and enjoy
Smart Solar Ceramic Solar Cascading Fountain

4. Earthwise 4-in-1 Multi-Tool Pole with Trimmer & Saw

Earthwise 4-in-1 Multi-Tool Pole with Handheld Hedge Trimmer Pole and Handheld Chain Saw can easily be converted into 4 different tools depending on the task at hand. Trim high limbs and branches using the telescopic pole with the pole saw head or hedge trimmer head. Simply remove the pole and attach the head directly to the handle motor and the user has a chainsaw or hedge trimmer.

Features of Earthwise Multi-Tool Pole

  • Performs at 3200 strokes per minute
  • Features an 18 inches Blade and 18mm (0.7") cutting diameter
  • 20 to 60-Degree rotating head with 5 positions
  • 8.8ft Extended length
  • Snap and Lock toolless connection to easily change from handheld to pole
  • Aluminum pole with soft grip
  • 7 Amp Handheld and Pole chain saw
  • Features a 10 inches Oregon bar and chain
Earthwise 4-in-1 Multi-Tool Pole with Handheld Hedge Trimmer Pole and Handheld Chain Saw

5. Apollo 18 Pc. Garden Tool Set

Designed for almost all your gardening needs, this set is a careful selection of tools that are sturdy and durable. The grips on the tools are designed to provide efficient use. The pink color of these tools symbolizes breast cancer research and Apollo Tools donates a part of the sale of this product to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It comes in a sturdy portable case for easy transportation and storage.

Apollo 18 Pc. Garden Tool Set includes:

  • 8.5" Pruning Shears
  • 8.5" Anvil Pruning Shears
  • Knee Pad, Trowel, Narrow Trowel
  • Rake, Pitch Fork, Weeder, Bulb Planter
  • Edging Knife, Hose Nozzle
  • Metal Hose Nozzle
  • "Y" Hose Coupler w/ Swivel
  • 0.5" Hose Connector
  • 0.5" Waterstop Hose Connector
  • 3 - .75" Tap Adaptors
Apollo 18 Pc. Garden Tool Set

6. Earthwise Lithium Grass and Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise Lithium Grass and Hedge Trimmer is convenient, lightweight and easy to use. The two interchangeable blade system allows grass edging and hedge trimming. The quick blade changing system requires no tools. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery provides the power needed for the beautiful detailing of the yard.

Features of Earthwise Lithium Grass and Hedge Trimmer

  • 5/16" maximum hedge trimmer cutting width
  • Perfect for quick touch-ups or manicuring garden or flower beds
  • Great for trimming hedges, edging grass, and trimming weeds
  • Tool-less attachment change
  • Effortlessly change from a grass trimmer to a hedge trimmer
  • Grass attachment is great for finishing touches around the lawn
Earthwise Lithium Grass and Hedge Trimmer

7. Smart Solar Charleston Solar Pathway Lights

Smart Solar Charleston Solar Pathway Lights are ideal for pathways, driveways, and gardens. The lights are stainless steel, with an electroplated pewter finish and real glass shade. Each light is powered by an integral solar panel with one energy-saving white LED that emits three lumens. The lights include an on/off switch to control light for up to 8 hours when fully charged.

Features of Smart Solar Pathway Lights

  • Has replaceable, rechargeable Ni-MH battery
  • The wireless design allows to place them wherever the user, please
  • Automatically illuminates at dusk and turns off at dawn
  • No wiring, simply install and enjoy
  • No operating costs
Smart Solar Charleston Solar Pathway Lights

8. Earthwise 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Earthwise 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer pumps 1.3 gallons per minute for even toughest chores. It is lightweight, compact and easy to use, and there is no gas required. It starts every time with no fumes or mess. The built-in quick hose connector easily hooks to garden hose water supply, and it features a quick connect adjustable spray gun and soap bottle.

Features of Earthwise Electric Pressure Washer

  • Has a detergent tank 10 Amps of power emits 1.3 gallons per minute
  • 35-foot power cord with UL/GFCI plug
  • Plastic hose quick connect
  • Quick connect the adjustable spray gun
  • Axial pump
  • 20ft Reinforced mesh hose
Earthwise 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

We have a wide range of other gardening and landscape aids for a great spectrum of gardening needs. Each aid is designed to provide accurate results at affordable prices.


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