Top 5 gifts you can buy with your FSA dollars from HPFY

Top 5 gifts you can buy with your FSA dollars from HPFY

2020 has been one heck of a year! I’m pretty sure everyone out there is nodding their heads in agreement. With the season of gift giving barreling towards us the question that popped in our minds was - what can you buy for your loved ones with your Flexible Spending Account (FSA)? We all know that your FSA is “use it or lose it” by the end of the year, and a few of us still have money in our accounts. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, perhaps we have been exceedingly cautious about venturing out into the world, and buying things online at a much greater rate than ever before.

Covid-19 has changed so much about how we do things and what we do. We’ve all seen so many more people walking, running, biking and just generally being outdoors more than ever before. There was a bike shortage at our Walmart, a few aisles down from the coronavirus induced toilet paper shortage! So with this in mind and knowing that HPFY has so many FSA eligible items we thought we’d put together a list of products that you might just want to wrap up for gifting this year. We highly encourage a “one for you - one for me” attitude, especially with #5.

#1 Drive Deluxe Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

This product was chosen with an eye towards ensuring health. If you have a loved one who has high or low blood pressure this gift may be exactly what they need. They can keep track of their blood pressure right in the comfort of their own home.


#2 Polar Cool Comfort Deluxe Cooling Vest Kit

Do you know someone who exercised in the spring and early fall with the beautiful cool weather, but had difficulty in the summer because of the heat? This product is for them - Keep them cool, and moving!


#3 Alex Orthopedic Cane Ice Grip

This might be more of a stocking stuffer, but it struck us as something perfect for someone who has a cane. This ice gripper will give confidence when walking outdoors in the cold icy weather.


#4 Invacare Absolute Essential Cushion

If someone on your list uses a wheelchair, this product is one that has been tested time and again. It’s called the “essential cushion” for a reason. This cushion speaks to wellness - comfort helps us to feel well!


#5 Core Thermal Spinal Pack

This last item is perfect for anyone. This product is sure to relax your muscles - release all the stress of your workout, and hopefully some from this crazy year!


For more FSA items check out the FSA section of our website. There are so many more items to choose from, in fact when we were putting together this list we realized we had over 7,000 FSA eligible products. If you’re looking for a gift or just to restock your medicine cabinet with necessities, definitely check out HPFY!


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