The 5 Silver Linings That Give Us Hope During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The 5 Silver Linings That Give Us Hope During The COVID-19 Pandemic

In a few short weeks the world as we knew it completely changed. Countries around the world went into lockdown. States, cities, and families adopted the new normal with a sense of urgency like none other. The impending gloom and the unavoidable sense of doom is all around us but in these past few weeks, some things around us have changed in a way that they are counteracting that gloom very effectively. Here are those 5 silver linings that may give you the same sense of hope that we are feeling:

1. Reduced Pollution across the Globe

With the entire world going into a state of lockdown, Mother Nature has been quietly replenishing herself. From the United States to countries like England, France, Italy, India, China, and many more have witnessed a massive decrease in the pollution levels of the air in the last few weeks. The decreased number of vehicles on the roads, the reduced number of industries emitting smoke, and the burning of fossil fuels on an average have had a massive positive impact on the environment. The air around us has become cleaner as the AQI levels have dropped drastically. Water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and the sea have suddenly been given a breath of fresh air as there is no dumping of chemicals or waste into them, allowing flora and fauna to thrive once again.

2. Wildlife Reclaiming Their Land

For millennia, we humans have peacefully shared this beautiful land with all kinds of animals and plants. But the rise of industrialization and technology has created an invisible line between us and nature. The COVID-19 pandemic has surely forced us to stay inside but has also blurred this invisible line, letting nature coalesce with us once again. Hundreds of images from around the world have surfaced over the internet where wild animals such as deer, antelopes, wild bison, elks, etc are seen wandering the streets of some of the biggest metropolis in the world. Deers were spotted on the streets of Baltimore while bears made the headlines when they took to the streets of North Carolina.

3. Luxury Brands Mobilize for COVID-19

Louis Vuitton, Dior, Givenchy, etc. are names that often carry a heavy price tag around them. Known as the most luxurious brands in the world, they have always been at the helm of bringing fashion and style to the world. But the COVID-19 pandemic has had their manufacturing units making things that are not luxury or clothing either. Brands like LV, Zara, H&M, etc are currently using manufacturing resources to make face masks and hand sanitizers. No, not the luxurious kind, but the essential supplies for healthcare workers and professionals. Many of these brands have come together to source more than 40 million face masks and have pledged to donate more than 5 million euros to manufacture and deliver these supplies. Prada has already delivered over 80,000 medical overalls and 110,000 face masks.

4. Distilleries Making Sanitizers

Alcohol distilleries across the United States are known for the fine liquor produced in the nation. At a time when the nation is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, distilleries across the country have come together to give a helping hand to the people. From Atlanta to Portland and Georgia to North Carolina, alcohol distilleries have transformed their facilities into sites for mass production of sanitization products. According to the WHO, alcohol-based rubs are the best way to clean your hands and surroundings in fighting the pandemic. These distilleries are using their resources to create alcohol based sanitization products, not only for healthcare workers but even for the common people. Though they are not as potent as medical-grade sanitizers but are great for mass sanitization of places, especially in the rural regions of the US.

5. Celebrities Going Live on Social Media

Everyone dreams about going to their favorite musician’s concert someday, attending a live session with their favorite actor, or going to a book signing by the author they love. As the lockdown has forced us to the confines of our homes, our favorite celebrities have come home to us through the internet. Each and every day, some of the most amazing artists and celebrities go live through their social media handles, helping people stay occupied and keep them entertained during these trying times. Singers like Lady Gaga, Maroon5, and Coldplay are on social media doing live concerts to keep everyone’s spirits up. People from different professions like Gordon Ramsay, Cristiano Ronaldo, Keith Urban, etc. are giving pep talks to people around the world, encouraging them to keep fighting, and giving hope that we will come out of this victorious.


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