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Splitting and Storing the Pill

Splitting and Storing the Pill
Taikhum Sadiq

Pills were introduced earlier in the 20th century instead of tablets and capsules. They are smaller, compact, and contain specific doses of drugs. They are easier to carry around and consume. Pills are widely used around the world today.

What is the importance of pill crushers or splitters?

Splitting and Storing pills

Pill crushers are a modern invention that eases the tedious task of using half a pill or deciding doses. Pill splitters use the most basic of technology and logic to create a marvel of a device for patients. This device has three compartments, a pill holder, a blade, and a storage compartment. Medicines like aspirins come with a section to divide into two. Prescriptions medicines are difficult to split.

Is it useful for people who have Alzheimer’s?

Apex pill splitter
Acu-life Organizer

A major issue faced by Alzheimer’s patients is remembering when to take medicines and how much should they take. Well, the technology of pill splitting and storing resolves their issues. One can use a combination of a pill splitter and an organizer to prevent any confusion of taking medications. For example the Apex Deluxe Pill Splitter and the Acu-Life One Week Plus Today Deluxe Organizer can be used together as a perfect combination. The Apex pill splitter has a V-shape design that grips the pill perfectly and the bevel steel blade cuts through pills with precision. The divided pills can be stored according to specific timings in the Acu-life Organizer. It has a pull out information card that can help a patient remember their dosages.

How is it helpful for other people?

Many medications come in specific dosage quantities and sometimes your doctor might prescribe a lesser dosage. Here come the pill splitters. For example if a pill comes only in a 50 gm dosage and your doctor recommends a 25 gm dosage one can split the pill and use it accordingly. Breaking a small pill with the hand is rarely accurate and sometime you might even crush it completely. To prevent this you can use the splitter.

Can I save money by using pill splitters?

Surprising as it may seem, you can save a lot of money by using a pill splitter. Confused? Well, many pills are cheaper when in greater dosages for example a 20mg pill may be cheaper than a 10 mg one. Buying a 20mg and splitting it can help you save money.

Are there any other kind types of splitters and organizers?

Acu-Life Splitter or Crusher
Tiger Medical Pill Crusher
Apex Pocket Med Pack With Seven Day Tray
Apex XXL AM And PM Weekly Pill Organizer
  • The Acu-Life Splitter or Crusher splits and crushes pills for easier consumption. It is a cost-effective all-in-one medication management tool. Its handy, compact size makes it easily portable and convenient for out-of-home use. This splitter or crusher features stainless steel blade in lid or splitting pills.
  • The Tiger Medical Pill Crusher has powerhouse crusher that turns even the hardest pills into easy to consume powder. It conveniently handles several pills at once. One can easily use the powder with water or milk and make the drug easy for consumption.
  • The Apex Pocket Med Pack With Seven Day Tray has seven daily pill boxes, each has two compartments with snap close lids. This tray provides medication organization for an entire week or daily needs. Each pill box can hold up to 50 pills.
  • The Apex XXL AM And PM Weekly Pill Organizer convenient way to organize and carry pills or vitamins at home or in purse, bag or pocket. The lids are easy to open but keep pills secure. Medication needs can be customized between once-daily and twice-a-day regiments with the optional divider.


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