Softening the Skin – All About Calluses

Softening the Skin – All About Calluses

What are calluses?

A toughened part of skin which becomes relatively thick and hard in response to repeated friction, pressure, or other irritation is called a callus or callosity. Frequent or forceful itching and rubbing can cause blisters. Calluses are often found on feet because of frequent walking. Calluses are generally not harmful, but may sometimes lead to other problems, such as skin ulceration or infection. Calluses are actually a defense mechanism of the body to protect the foot from friction and pressure.

Softening the Skin – All About Calluses

What are the symptoms?

The hardening of the skin and the formation of flaky skin is the first sign of a callus. It is usually located the foot region as they take the most amount of friction and pressure. The skin becomes dry and itching is very common.

What are the causes?

Calluses are common among athletes, musicians, and people who use one part of their body excessively. Guitarists and drummers get calluses on their fingers and their palms. Athletes usually get calluses on their feet. Sometimes physical contact is not necessary, and hormonal changes or sunlight can also be a reason for calluses.

What are the treatment options?

In general cases, preventing excessive friction can reduce calluses and soften the skin. Change in shoes and accessories may also help. Unless a person is suffering from diabetes or other problems, basic shoe pads and creams can help remove calluses.

What are my options?

Softening the Skin – All About CallusesSoftening the Skin – All About CallusesSoftening the Skin – All About CallusesSoftening the Skin – All About Calluses

  • FNC Diabet-X Callus Treatment Cream features deep moisturizing formula that gently softens, soothes, heals and eliminates calluses on the fingertips. Does not contain ingredients that dissolve or burn skin tissue like other callus products. Antimicrobial ingredients guard against infection. Specially designed for people with diabetes.
  • Profoot Velvetex Care Callus Cushions features a unique microfiber texture that moves with the foot to help reduce friction, further protecting sore spots. They perform better under pressure and ideal for all types of calluses, hard skin or tender spots. They cushion sensitive calluses with soft latex foam. The pressure and friction that causes calluses are disrupted so that they do not continue to form and the padding relieves the current pain of hard skin.
  • Pedifix Metatarsal Shoe Cushion are self-adhesive pads that will help prevent calluses and stop feet from sliding forward in shoes. These are great and provide extra protection for thin-soled footwear. Just place these durable foam cushions in shoes to instantly absorb shock and reduce pressure on the ball-of-foot area.
  • Advanced Orthopaedics Full Insole Silicone Foot Orthosis covers the full sole and helps prevent fatigue due to its massaging effect which improves blood circulation. It is designed to relieve pressure on muscles, tendons and joints. The colored striking areas are softer than surrounding transparent material providing flexible pressure relief.


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