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7 Best Portable Shampoo Bowls for Bedridden Patients

7 Best Portable Shampoo Bowls for Bedridden Patients
Shweta Chaubey

A portable shampoo bowl is a godsend, and caregivers caring for bedridden or less immobile individuals can attest to it. An inflatable hair-washing sink is as important as shampoo and body wash in your bathroom, but finding the right one is equally confusing. Well, not anymore.     

To help you make an informed decision and find the right shampoo basin, HPFY is here with its seven top picks. 

7 Best Portable Shampoo Bowls In 2023 

Best In Line Why Should You Choose It
1. EZ-Access EZ-Shampoo Inflatable Basin   Most lightweight
2. Mabis DMI Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer Basin Most comfortable
3. EZ-Access EZ-BATHE Inflatable Bathtub With Accessories  Most innovative 
4. Vive Shampoo Basin Perfect for bedridden patients
5. Medline EZ Inflatable Shampoo Basins   Best for traveling
6. Maddak Easy Shampoo Basin Low maintenance
7. Graham-Field Grafco Inflatable Hair Shampooer Multipurpose

1. EZ-Access EZ-Shampoo Inflatable Basin  

It is a comfortable and convenient in-bed shampooing product that, when inflated, provides secure, form-fitting support that cushions the head and shoulders.  

Features of EZ - Access Bed Shampoo Basin   

  • Lightweight and compact   
  • Made of heavy-duty vinyl  
  • Comfortable and convenient  
  • It comes with a 30" long drain hose  
  • The 8" deep double tube prevents splashing and spilling 
  • Assists in washing hair without having to bend over awkwardly   
  • It has a conventional drain hose to drain soap suds and water from the basin  
EZ-Access EZ-Shampoo Inflatable Basin



2. Mabis DMI Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer Basin   

The design of the Mabis DMI portable shampoo bowl makes it comfortable and convenient, and it has a tube attached to drain the water into a large basin or sink. The bed shampooer is constructed of heavy-duty vinyl for durability and is easy to clean.   

Reasons to buy Mabis DMI Deluxe Portable Shampoo Bowl 

  • Comfortable  
  • Easy to inflate and deflate  
  • Includes a drain and 40-inch drain tube  
  • It makes hair washing in bed easier and more convenient  
  • It comes with a small built-in pillow for the head to rest  
Mabis DMI Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampooer Basin



3. EZ-Access EZ-BATHE Inflatable Bathtub With Accessories 

It is not your conventional hair-washing basin. This inflatable bathtub is a perfect solution for all your bathing difficulties. With its new streamlined design, the reinforced tub is longer and deeper, and the person can roll onto the vinyl tub. The tube then inflates around them using the included wet-dry vacuum. The EZ bathtub fits all beds.  

Features of EZ-Bathe Bed Bathtub  

  • It easily accommodates people with a height of 6' 2."  
  • Double Tube Design prevents splashes and spills  
  • It comes with a 25' hose and a hand-held showerhead   
  • It has a 25' drain hose with an on/off valve for a consistent shower  
  • For convenience, it has a two-gallon wet/dry vacuum for inflating and deflating.  
EZ-Access EZ-BATHE Inflatable Bathtub With Accessories



4. Vive Shampoo Basin  

Washing your loved one's hair has become easier with the Vive Shampoo Basin. It is perfect and features an integrated, inflatable headrest for greater comfort.  

Features of Vive Inflatable Shampoo Bowl for Home  

  • Ideal for caring for bedbound individuals  
  • It comes with a deep basin measuring 7" to minimize splashing and spills  
  • Features an inflatable headrest for greater comfort  
  • It has a manual air pump for easy inflation and deflation  
  • Holds over two gallons of water and has an attached shower head  
  • Double-tube design made with strong PVC material for safe and durable use  
Vive Shampoo Basin



5. Medline EZ Inflatable Shampoo Basins  

Medline EZ Inflatable Shampoo Basins is a safe, form-fitting basin that protects the patient's neck and shoulders while shampooing. The vinyl bag allows patients to wash hair quickly and easily without lifting or bending, and the inflatable shampoo basin helps patients maintain personal hygiene.  

Reasons to buy Medline Portable Shampoo Bowl  

  • Makes washing quick and easy  
  • It comes with a convenient drain hose  
  • The 8" design prevents splashing and spilling  
  • The cushion fits the patient's neck and shoulders  
  • Easy-to-use, inflatable design is ideal for traveling   
Medline EZ Inflatable Shampoo Basins



6. Maddak Easy Shampoo Basin  

This incredible shampoo basin features a simple and easy-to-use inflatable tray that comfortably supports and cushions the head, neck, and shoulders during shampooing. The unique design prevents splashing and spilling, while a hose conveniently drains soap suds and water.  

Features of Maddak Easy Shampoo Basin  

  • Latex free  
  • Features a drainage hose  
  • Made with heavy-duty vinyl  
Maddak Easy Shampoo Basin



7. Graham-Field Grafco Inflatable Hair Shampooer  

Last but not least, this portable shampoo bowl comes with a heavy-duty inflatable plastic ring that supports the neck. It folds flat for convenient storage and comes with a drainage hose.  

Features of Graham Field Grafco  

  • It can be used to dress head injury  
  • Measures - 22 and a half inches x 23 and a half inches 
  • Easy to clean   
Graham Field Grafco Inflatable Hair Shampooer



All these portable shampoo bowls are manufactured using durable material, are comfortable for the neck, and enhance efficiency.  

Where can you buy the best-in-line portable shampoo basin?  

HPFY has been online since 2002. We carry many medical supplies and health products to empower you and your loved ones. Our catalog includes portable shampoo bowls, inflatable bathtubs, and other bathing aids for a safe and hygienic bathing experience. Explore our website today to find what you are looking for.


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