Safe Bathing

Safe Bathing

Studies show that many accidents take place in the bathroom, and this is more true in homes of the elderly. People who are differently abled often don’t consider the bathroom as a very friendly area of the house. The main is reason is because they’re afraid of either slipping or falling in the bathroom, mainly because they do not have complete control of their motor functions. The shower area is especially challenging as both the floor and the wall become very slippery when water hits them, and any differently abled person may feel helpless in this kind of a situation. They have no other choice but to be careful of every move they make so that they do not end up losing their balance and falling in the shower.

For most differently abled people, the problem doesn’t just include the difficulties in motor function in the shower area but they also find it quite challenging to stand in the bathroom for a long time. This is true for both those who have an injury or medical condition and for the elderly. For this reason, caregiver assistance is often essential to ensure the safety of differently abled people in the shower. However, it may be embarrassing or awkward to have someone else with you in a place as intimate and private as the bathroom. Here technology steps in and brings forward a bathroom device to keep them balanced and secure yet mobile enough to handle bathing on their own. They need something to assure them they won’t slip or fall as they move within the confines of the shower area.

There are two major types of seating objects one can use in the bathroom:

  • Adjustable Shower Chairs – These chairs are specifically designed for those who require a proper backrest, and seating in the bathroom. They are larger in size and come with different adjustable options. Some are reclining chairs while some have a commode seat attached for convenience. For example the Graham-Field PVC Reclining Shower Chair is constructed of the highest quality health care grade PVC. Dual reinforcement into the caster fittings adds additional support. It contains threaded stem casters for additional safety. The ergonomic curved rails provide support without sharp edges and anti-slip handgrips are for added safety. Another example is the Duralife Small Adjustable Bath Chair which adjusts to multiple positions for individualized comfort. Comes with a safe, quick push-button adjustment mechanism, located out of a childs reach. Highly durable, comfortable, mesh fabric is easy to clean and dries fast.
  • Shower Benches – They are smaller in size and many of them do not have a back rest. They are foldable and are very sturdy. They are compact enough to fit inside your bathtub and some are perfectly fitted for the shower area. A good example is the Drive Folding Bath Bench which is made from an aluminum frame that makes it a lightweight and sturdy bathroom safety product. The portable bath bench has legs that are angled for stability and tipped with rubber to prevent slippage. It is made of molded plastic for comfort and contains drainage holes to prevent slipping. This bench conveniently folds flat. Another example is the HealthCraft Invisia Bath Bench features hand selected Brazilian walnut panels to add charm to any bathing environment. It provides convenient seating that doubles as a bath caddy, perfect for a glass of wine and a good book. This removable bench sits across the bathtub and is secured in place via adjustable traction feet for a custom fit.


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