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Pets Need Love Too!!

Pets Need Love Too!!
Kevin Cleary

Our pets are part of the family and should be treated that way at the holidays. We can make our pet's lives much more comfortable with just a little bit of thought. No matter the type of pet you have (dogs, cats, rabbits, or reptiles) there are needs for daily living for each of them. Whether it’s in your home or your grandkids or friends, they can always benefit from you thinking about the fuzzy little critters around us that bring us so much joy. We here at HPFY offer a wide range of daily aids and products that can help every man’s best friend.

They Have Needs

No matter what type of pet you have, if they are neglected they can become sad, sick, or even die. Nobody wants that!! Whether it’s something for house training purposes or a pet toy, there are daily aids that can not only make their life better but yours easier. You may need items for:

  • Training
  • Health
  • Feeding
  • Play/Fun
  • Security
  • Sleep
  • Travel
  • Hygiene

Each animal that becomes one of our family has a slightly different need. For instance, your hamster may not need a doggy door to go in and out of your home. A little bit of research can key you in on what your specific pet truly likes and needs. Another great resource for your pet's specific needs is your veterinarian. The Internet is great, but an expert is better!!

Fill Their Stockings

This holiday season, let’s not forget about our additional family members who offer us nothing but unconditional love. Once you understand what your loving pet could use or need, don’t be afraid to try more than one type or brand in order to find what is ideal. A dozen great gift ideas include:

  • Evercare Giant Pet Hair Roller: It rolls easily over virtually any surface in the home or car. When one sheet gets full of pet hair, lint, dander, and fuzz, just tear it off for a brand-new, extra-large sheet. It features a 40% more adhesive surface and instantly removes pet hair from floors, furniture, and clothing.
  • Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food: It has been tested successfully for adult iguanas (more than 12" long from nose to base of tail) by reptile veterinarians. It is fortified with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D3 so no other food or supplements are required.
  • Cardinal Gates Duragate Pet Gate: It is created with a simple mounting system, is easy to assemble, and will mount at any angle. This gate also features all-steel construction with a powder-coated finish. It is a perfect gate for large dogs or jumpers, user can add top extensions in order to increase the height of the gate by 16 inches.
  • Bags on Board Waste Pick-Up Refill Bags: Makes it easy to keep the grass, sidewalk, or patio clear of dog poop, without ever getting hands dirty. These extra thick bags will hold any mess and are guaranteed to be 100 percent leak-proof.
  • Van Ness Cat Pan Liners: Made from 100-percent recycled plastic 3 ply no tear technology Large Size: Fits pans up to 19-inch x 15-inch Giant Size: Fits pans up to 22-inch x 16-inch Fits CP2 & CP4 Cat Pans
  • Cardinal Gates Heavy-Duty Outdoor Deck Netting: Cardinal Gates Heavy-Duty Outdoor Deck Netting keep pets and children safe from openings on your deck or patio. It has an opaque look rather than completely transparent. Comes in a 15’ roll, this netting is 7x more thicker than standard deck netting. It cannot be torn by hand but may be cut with scissors. It is UV-rated, and guaranteed to last for 3 years outside.
  • Aquaclear Bio Max Filter Insert: Aquaclear Bio Max Filter Insert increase the biological filtration efficiency of the aquarium filter while enhancing its ability to reduce harmful ammonia and nitrites. These bacteria break down toxic water contaminants and help to create a clean, healthy aquatic habitat for the aquarium fish.
  • Poop-Off Dumb Cat Anti-Marking & Cat Spray Remover: We love our cats, but when they stop using the litter box and have messes it's time for serious action. No product works faster to get cats back to using the litter box and remove messes from urine, vomit, hair balls, feces, marking scents and cat spray.
  • Dingo Dental Sticks for Tartar Control: Dingo Dental Sticks for Tartar Control is proven to reduce tartar build-up and remove plaque. It is easy to chew and fully digestible sticks with real chicken in the middle. It contains parsley seed oil and sodium bicarbonate for clean teeth. Features granulated rawhide and chicken break down easier to scrub teeth.
  • Bags on Board Bone Shaped Pick up Bag Dispenser: Compact refillable dispenser which houses a roll of bio-degradable doggie clean up bags.
  • Cardinal Gates Pet Door Shield For Scratch Protection: Simple affordable solution to protect doors from pet scratching & pawing. The door shield is tough, crystal-clear plastic, non-toxic and latex-free. It covers the width of most standard doors and can be easily trimmed with scissors for smaller doors.
  • Cat Dancer Cat Charmer: With a polycarbonate wand and very colorful fabric, Cat Charmer provides excellent aerobic excercize and is a safe interactive toy for all kittens, cats, and kids.

While these are just a few of the gifts available to our cute little family pets, that is not the end of your options. If your schedule is very busy and you may not be able to feed your pet regularly, one option you may want to look at is a pet feeder so our furry little friends don’t have to wait until we get home for dinner. Our pets can be finicky so it may entail a little trial and error in order to find the exact, perfect daily aid that your pet will love. Don’t forget pet toys, since our pets are largely social creatures who love to play.


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