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Pediatric Nebulizer Masks – The Innovations for Kids

Pediatric Nebulizer Masks – The Innovations for Kids
Taikhum Sadiq

Nebulizer masks are the frontal end apparatus that is attached to the compression machine. They are the parts that fix on your child’s mouth and through which the compressed liquid enters the lungs. Everyday masks used in hospitals and also shown many times in movies are pretty creepy for children to use. It makes the child thinks of himself as a sick person and so we at HPFY have a range of masks that look like animals and other interesting shapes but perfectly perform the function of a normal nebulizer masks.

The Medline Nebulizer Masks has Ideal particle size of less than five microns,helps in increasing the amount of medication delivered deep within lungs. Medline Nebulizer Masks are clear in color and compatible with most nebulizers.

The Cardinal Health Eden Elephant Pediatric Aerosol Mask with Tubing is specially designed to reduce fear in children and encourage them during the asthma therapy. It is a character-themed mask which provides effective medication delivery while enabling simple treatment for children. It is a perfect option for children who liked themed apparatus.

 Pediatric Nebulizer Mask

The Cardinal Health Dragon Mask Aerosol Masks are playful, soft and high-quality disposable pediatric masks which are made from high-grade resins. They are shaped like a dragon’s face so as to help the child comply with the therapy. The smooth, feathered edges are designed for patient comfort while reducing irritation points.

The Respironics Sami The Seal Children Mask for Sidestream Plus Nebulizer is also one of the encouraging products shaped in the form of an animal’s face. It has eyes on the top which portray an animal’s face. It has a vent design that blows medication away from the eyes. This mask reduces aerosol deposition in and around the eyes, helping to minimize the impact of long-term use.

The Pari Bubbles the Fish II Pediatric Aerosol Mask delivers more medication while reducing facial and eye deposition. This increases the inhalation of respirable particles to the lungs while dramatically reducing ocular deposition, resulting in safer treatments. It amazing shape makes it a friendly device for use with children.


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