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Natural Remedies for Vertigo

Natural Remedies for Vertigo
Linda Guerrera

Have you ever had that feeling of spinning when you were sitting still? Take it from someone who has had vertigo for a month; it is not something you want to live with. Fortunately, there are natural remedies for vertigo to get you feeling like you’re on solid ground quickly.  

My bout with vertigo was caused by an inner ear issue exacerbated by traveling in an airplane. It lasted for a month and let me tell you, it wasn’t fun! So, I can tell you how to help vertigo from first-hand experience with some tips that I used to stop the spinning.  

If you have ever felt dizzy or lightheaded, you know that it can be a scary feeling. The longer it persists, the more worried you become. Feeling a little woozy or unsteady sometimes can happen for many reasons; typically, it is not cause for concern. But it’s time to rule out any underlying issues when that sensation lingers for days or weeks.  

Vertigo vs Dizziness    

Vertigo makes you feel like you are spinning, even when sitting down. In other words, it can make you feel dizzy. Vertigo can be more common for those over 70 but can affect anyone.   

Causes of Vertigo  

Many reasons could produce an ongoing spinning feeling. According to the Cleveland Clinic, vertigo symptoms can be caused by a variety of reasons, from medications like antibiotics and cardiovascular drugs to head injuries, diabetes, shingles, and MS. This is why it is important to talk to a healthcare professional if these feelings are severe and if they persist.   

5 Tips to Help with Vertigo   

As I mentioned earlier, my vertigo was caused by an inner ear issue. I was on vacation and traveling by plane to Antigua. Ascending and descending in the airplane caused severe ear pain, and the spinning started, lasting for a month! Not fun!   

Medical tests determined that the change in air pressure from the airplane caused pain and a spinning sensation. There was nothing else to do but wait until the symptoms subsided. I was grateful that it wasn’t anything more severe, but I wanted the symptoms to disappear as quickly as possible, so I searched for some natural remedies for vertigo. Here are five tips that helped me get through those uncomfortable days:  

1. Create a level playing field

Lying down can create a spinning sensation. If you feel dizzy in bed, place a foot on the floor and a hand on your nightstand. Doing this will create a feeling of stability and ease the spinning.  

2. Stop the Shower Spins

Don’t close your eyes while showering. Doing so will make you feel dizzy and can also make you nauseous.  

3. Take it Down

Sit down if you are standing and suddenly feel dizzy. This will help reduce the spinning.  

4. Level Up

Use two pillows to elevate your head when sleeping to reduce dizziness.  

5. Easy Does It

Make slow movements when standing up or turning your head. Don’t rise from a seated position quickly or jerk your head; take your time to avoid vertigo.  

Essential Oils for Vertigo  

There are some other natural remedies for vertigo that can help the symptoms, and essential oils have been shown to be very effective. It’s always a good idea to ask your doctor about using essential oils for vertigo since it is possible that some can interact with health issues or medications you may be taking. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and those with a compromised immune system should not use essential oils. says that the following essential oils are very effective in relieving some of the symptoms associated with vertigo:  

  • Peppermint – relieves nausea associated with vertigo.  
  • Ginger – improves blood flow to the brain to ease dizziness and nausea  
  • Lavender – helps with depression, dizziness, and sleep  
  • Cyprus – Used as an antiviral, Cyprus relieves congestion and increases blood flow to the brain  
  • Basil – Reduces dizziness  
  • Clary Sage – A calming essential oil that also heightens the senses  
  • Rosemary – Helps relieve migraines, dizziness, depression and fatigue.  
  • Rose – This relaxing oil relieves vertigo and depression and induces calm.  
  • Tangerine – Long used as a migraine remedy, this essential oil also helps with tension headaches, dizziness and vertigo  
  • Frankincense – Known to relieve vertigo caused by inner ear issues, anxiety, and stress  

Always talk to your doctor if vertigo continues for a long time, keeps coming back, or if symptoms are severe. Understanding the underlying causes of vertigo is important and can put you on the road to health sooner rather than later.   

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