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Maternity Belts: Enhance your joys of motherhood

Maternity Belts: Enhance your joys of motherhood
Swati Chadha

Joys of pregnancy are overwhelming for every woman. However, as pregnancy progresses, the woman’s body undergoes several hormonal and physical changes. The increased weight gain and abdominal growth exerts pressure on the pelvic, hip and back areas. It is here that the expecting mother needs to adopt a gear or aid which will ease out the pain and discomfort of an advanced pregnancy and provide the necessary comfort and support.

Maternity belts are the most sought-after pregnancy aid. They not only ease out the pain and discomfort a pregnant woman faces, but also support special medical conditions. They are worn over and under a pregnant belly and wrapped around the lower back. This lifts the abdomen thereby reducing the pressure on the lower back and the pain associated with it. This also helps maintain a good posture.

Most important uses of a maternity belt are:

  • Relieves aches and pains in the lower back, hip, pelvis and sciatica pain in the legs


  • Reduces stretch marks


  • Improves posture


  • Provides gentle compression during prenatal exercises


  • Special support for pregnant women suffering from hernias


  • Useful post-partum as well when the stretched, strained muscles and ligaments require time to heal


Let us look at some of the maternity belts and girdles used by pregnant women:

1. Core Better Binder pregnancy belly support belt

Designed by a physical therapist with over 40 years of experience in women’s health and orthopedics, Better Binder helps support the belly and back, stabilizing excessive joint motion in the pelvis, back and ribs. Since Core Better Binder pregnancy belly support belt is versatile and flexible it

a) holds and hugs a post-partum belly

b) remodels lymphedemic bellies

c) gives extra support and comfort to bariatric persons

Core Better Binder pregnancy belly support belt

When used post-partum, it strengthens the abdominal muscles and stabilizes the back. It can be worn over or under clothing, but never over a wound. Its latex-free elastic is soft but strong enough to attain the desired stretch. Fastened from top to bottom, its edges do not cut in or fold over. By adjusting the tension or stretch, desired results can be seen. It is available in beige color and in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes.

2. OPTP SI-LOC Maternity Support Belt

Supporting the pelvic structures, this belt is targeted towards relieving the pain in the Sacrum Ilium (SI) joint, lower back and hips during pregnancy and post-partum. During late pregnancy, the pelvic joints and ligaments shift and stretch naturally, causing severe back, hip and sciatic leg pain. Wearing the maternity sacroiliac belt supports the pelvic structures. Likewise, when worn post-partum, the OPTP SI-LOC Maternity Support Belt supports the pelvic structures aiding the body return to its pre-pregnancy alignment.

Featuring an exclusive non-bulky design, it offers comfortable compression. The fabric used is lightweight and breathable and can be easily concealed under clothing. The easily adjustable, ‘no-buckle’ design makes it very convenient to use. It is accessorized with a detachable abdominal pad which gives extra support and comfort. The non-slip pads provide even pressure distributionbecause of its wider design at the innominate.

OPTP SI-LOC Maternity Support Belt

3. Best Cradle Prenatal Adjustable Orthotic Support

Best Cradle Prenatal Adjustable Orthotic Support

This pregnancy belt offers support to the pregnancy weight without restricting the mother and fetus. It is fully adjustable and provides ample orthotic support for abdominal and back straining. It eases out the pain resulting from hip separation pubic symphysis. Let us look at the distinct features of Best Cradle Prenatal Adjustable Orthotic Support which makes it a must for pregnant women:

  • Lifts weight from the pelvis, improving blood circulation to the lower extremities thereby reducing ankle and leg swelling.


  • Improves the mother’s posture while relieving back pain.


  • Soft and comfortable elastics lie flat under clothing for no bulk under clothing.


  • Designed with an open abdomen, it keeps the body cool and comfortable.


  • Hook and eye closures are soft and securely fitted.


  • Non-shoulder straps give it a perfect fit.


These features make it a perfect choice for a mother carrying twins or triplets. With its extended support and comfort, she can remain active even in the third trimester. It is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

4. Gabrialla Maternity Support Girdle

This maternity support girdle is made of nylon, cotton and lycra and beautifully adorned with a stretchable lace and satin. It also has an additional Velcro closure in the back to accommodate maximum abdominal growth. Gabrialla Maternity Support Girdle minimizes back pain and stretch marks which appear after an increased weight gain and dry skin. The 3-inch band and stretchable lace and satin give that extra support during the abdominal growth spurt. Cotton lining keeps the skin breathable and prevents skin allergies. Pregnant women experience improved posture and balance. Used as an underclothing, the girdle is available in different sizes - X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.

Gabrialla Maternity Support Girdle

5. Prenatal Cradle Hip V2 Supporter

Prenatal Cradle Hip V2 Supporter

The V2 Supporter is a vulvar compression garment and eases out the pain and swelling resulting from vulvar varicosities. When women feel "everything is falling out the bottom", the V2 Supporter is extremely helpful. It also supports a prolapsed bladder and prolapsed uterus. Pregnant women also use it for undergoing pelvic floor prenatal therapy. It is adjustable so as to give the best fit for maximum comfort and support. The V2 supporter is soft, lightweight and machine washable. Available in different sizes, Petite, Small, Medium and Large, it is for sure an expecting mother’s most helpful gear. It is easily concealed underclothing and so makes it go along with any maternity wear.

So with maternity belts, you can somewhat be assured that the aches and pains of a pregnancy do not overpower the joys associated with it. Pregnancy, when supported by appropriate aids, can make the entire experience very pleasant for a woman. It will also expedite her recovery and healing during the post-partum period.


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