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How to Choose the Best Foam Cushions

How to Choose the Best Foam Cushions
Sailaxmi Chennuru

The foam cushion is the most basic of all types of wheelchair cushions. Foam wheelchair cushions help improve comfort, stability, and support while relieving pressure points and skin breakdowns that cause pressure ulcers. Foam cushions are lightweight and inexpensive to maintain. They are available in various sizes, densities, thicknesses, and varying degrees of support.

Foam seat cushions have evolved, incorporating advanced contouring features suitable for different positioning needs. It may be overwhelming to select the right foam wheelchair cushion with such a wide variety available.

Below is a detailed buying guide to help you choose the best foam cushion for your needs.

1. The Foam Cushion Design

The structure of the foam cushion varies depending on positioning challenges. Some include wedge-shaped cushions, pommel, waterfall front, coccyx cutout, etc.

Wedge cushions prevent forward-leaning and slumping, pommel-shaped foam cushions encourage leg abduction and prevent legs from knocking together, while waterfall front contour cushions protect the backs of the knees.

Seat cushions with an anti-thrust contour keep hips from sliding forward and encourage the users to sit back comfortably. Foam cushions with coccyx cutouts may take pressure off the tailbone and lower spine.

2. Level of risk for Pressure Sores

All-foam cushions for wheelchairs work well for those with a low risk of developing pressure ulcers. For people with a higher risk or who are already living with pressure ulcers, a foam wheelchair cushion with a gel insert or gel topping may be an option. Materials such as memory foam are used to prevent skin breakdown in combination with foam.

3. Size of the Foam Cushion

Foam seat cushions come in various sizes to suit different body types, including standard, bariatric, and pediatric. Foam thickness matters when choosing a seat cushion. The heavier the user, the thicker the foam cushion is required as foam tends to compress and slowly flatten out over time.

A 100% foam cushion is not usually an ideal choice for individuals weighing more than 250 pounds. Foam cushions with gel inserts offer optimal support. One should consider all these factors when making a purchase. Additionally, the seat cushion size must match the size of the wheelchair seat.

4. Cushion Cover Options

Usually, all foam cushions come with covers that offer varying degrees of protection against moisture. Moisture repellant cushion covers made from polyester or nylon are easy to clean when stains occur. These cushion covers offer moisture reduction and can reduce the build-up of body heat and sweat. Those with incontinence issues can use seat cushions with fully fluid-proof covers that keep cushions dry and protect skin from breakdown. Most of the cushion covers are antimicrobial resisting mold and mildew.

Our Top 3 Foam Cushions

1. Essential Medical Rehab 1 Wheelchair Foam Cushion

The Essential Medical Rehab 1 Wheelchair Foam Cushion is made from high-density polyurethane foam, which keeps the seat softer and plush longer than a standard seat. The wheelchair foam cushion is ideal for those who are confined to a wheelchair and sit for long periods. The foam cushion is designed to provide firm seating and pressure sore relief and is ideal for use in wheelchairs, transport, home, office, and car seats. This seat cushion is encased in a soft black zippered cotton cover which is removable, washable, and available in 2", 3", and 4" sizes.


2. Curve Wheelchair Cushion With Stretch-Air Cover

The Curve Wheelchair Cushion is made from high-density molded foam, which increases surface area, reducing potential peak pressure areas. Reflective piping on the Curve Wheelchair Cushion allows it to be seen from up to 500 feet away in low light conditions offering safety for the user.

Benefits Of The Curve Wheelchair Cushion With Stretch-Air Cover:

  • A mild anti-thrust shelf promotes postural stability and helps prevent forward migration.
  • A medial thigh separator promotes postural alignment.
  • Breathable Stretch-Air Cover provides heat dissipation while multi-directional stretch contributes to pressure relief.
  • The wheelchair cushion cover is made of two-ply material with a soft and high-stretch polyester top layer and a waterproof polyurethane barrier providing incontinence protection.

3. The Comfort Company Ascent Wheelchair Cushion with Comfort-Tek Cover

The Comfort Company Ascent Wheelchair Cushion uses soft foam construction, providing excellent pressure relief for users prone to pressure ulcers. This foam wheelchair cushion offers the highest level of comfort and functionality.

Benefits of The Comfort Company Ascent Wheelchair Cushion

  • Three layers of high-resiliency foam create a soft and durable seating surface.
  • Visco foam contours to the user's body, promoting maximum skin protection.
  • The wheelchair cushion has pelvic, lateral, and medial thigh support for optimal positioning and a medial thigh separator for proper leg alignment.
  • Tapered leg adductors increase in width near the back of the cushion to give support to the greater trochanters.
  • The cushion cover is easy to clean using common disinfectants.

Since 2002, Health Products For You has offered high-quality medical supplies. We offer a wide range of comfortable and functional foam cushions to suit everyone's needs.


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HPFY Sailaxmi Chennuru

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