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How Do Alps Skincare Products Help?

How Do Alps Skincare Products Help?
Kevin Cleary

Our skin can be finicky. Not only that, but it is our largest organ and our first line of defense against nasty stuff like infections. This means we should be diligent in protecting our skin and for those with prosthetics, it is doubly so. Products to stop sweating can be a godsend. Where our bodies merge with prosthetic legs or arms, these areas of skin can be more susceptible to breakdowns, especially when sweating. To minimize the potential negative effect of perspiration in these occasions, ALPS Skincare Products may be your solution.

How to maintain your Skin Hygiene?

We don’t often think of our skin as an organ, but it is in fact our largest organ of our bodies. Not only is it the answer to an interesting trivia question, but it is our first line of defense against germs and other nasties that can lead to infection. For anyone who wears a prosthetic limb, the careful maintenance of their skin is critical hygiene for minimizing the risk of skin breakdowns.

How to minimize the Risk of Skin breakdown? 

You should follow some simple guidelines to help your skin while wearing a prosthetic and they include:

  • Wash Daily: Your limb and prosthetic liner should be washed daily with a mild, fragrance-free soap.
  • Change Dressings Daily: Pretty self-explanatory, but they should be changed more frequently if saturated.
  • Skin Checks: Be certain to check for any change in your skin visually, especially if you have decreased sensitivity. Use a mirror if necessary.
  • Hydrate Dry Skin: Dry skin should be moisturized at night when you’re not wearing your prosthetic. Dry skin is more susceptible to damage and bacteria that cause infection.
  • Avoid perspiration: A wet environment can damage skin, so keep your skin as dry as possible.


ALPS Prosthetic Antioxidant Cream ALPS Prosthetic Soothing And Protective Ointment
ALPS Prosthetic Antioxidant Cream ALPS Prosthetic Soothing And Protective Ointment

How to keep Delicate Skin Dry and Safe?

So we have determined that moisture & skin breakdowns are the enemies of prosthetic wearers. Now we need to figure out how to keep this delicate skin dry and safe. ALPS Skincare offers products that can help create a better, drier skin environment for prosthetic wearers. When dealing with perspiration, it is crucial to minimize the amount of time sweaty skin is in contact with the inside of your prosthetic device. Not only does the perspiration create a potentially dangerous environment, but it can also make your prosthetic device slip and therefore rub against your skin potentially creating a skin breakdown. One of the best antiperspirants for amputees may be the ALPS Prosthetic Antiperspirant Spray can help users stay cool and dry since it is formulated with two times the amount of aluminum chlorohydrate to minimize the amount of sweat produced by the skin. To aid in skin hydration, the ALPS Prosthetic Antioxidant Cream has fat-soluble antioxidants that can cross the skin barrier and be absorbed into the dermis. This can protect irritated skin and healthy skin by reducing friction and soothes pain and itching. To help with the application of your prosthetic, the ALPS Prosthetic Lubricant helps the user don their prosthetic device liner safely and securely. It contains 70% isopropyl alcohol and is great with silicone clear pro, urethane, and thermoplastic gel liners.

ALPS Prosthetic Anti-Perspirant Spray ALPS Prosthetic Lubricant
ALPS Prosthetic Anti-Perspirant Spray ALPS Prosthetic Lubricant

Skincare and hygiene are important for all of us, but more so for those that may be susceptible to skin breakdowns and infection. This is definitely the case for those with prosthetic devices. Work with your doctor or nurse to head off any potential skin problem and get out and stay active!!


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