Helping the House

Helping the House

There are a number of activities that one does when in the house. From cooking, cleaning, and washing, to eating, reading, and working, all these activities require a number of tools and gadgets. But many a time, one gadget isn’t enough for a specific activity and another tools specifically made for easing the activity is required. Such tools are also known as household helpers. Just like a human helper would work these tools replace the human helper. From opening envelopes to scratching your back, all of these small activities can be carried out without any hassle.

Household helpers include all those tools that can ease or replace your work. Many people cannot do activities that require dexterity as they might be undergoing a procedure, treatment, or have a condition that restricts the use of some parts of the body. For example for those people who have do not have the dexterity to use their limbs probably due to arthritis, there a number of tools like door knob gripper, dexterity kits, doorway handle, bathing sponges, etc. All these tools reduce the amount of stress one puts on the limbs and thus ensures that the activity is completed easily.

Helping the HouseHelping the HouseHelping the House


For those who have difficulty in holding on to things like a door knob, the Carex Doorknob Gripper is designed to fit over the existing doorknob to provide a slip-free surface making turning easier. It is ideal for those with dexterity issues or a weakened grip. Many people take sponge baths and since all parts of the body cannot be reached by the hand, the Drive Long Bathing Sponge features long acrylic handle which is useful for personal bathing needs or household chores. It can be easily used to reach all those parts and places which were difficult with the hand.


Gripping things can sometimes be difficult for people who have lost the fine motor skills of their hand. Impaired functioning of the fingers and the wrist can also result in losing a firm grip. For this technology has come up with things called grasping cuffs. They are just like gloves that are worn on the hands, and the friction force being higher allows a person to grasp things perfectly. For example the Grasping Cuff With Wrist Support is designed for activities requiring a racket, cue, pole, bat or paddle. Those with limited hand function, yet good arm function, can adjust Dycem lined strap, which covers top of hand and wraps around fingers.

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