Heavy Supporting Benches

Many a times, the average bath safety benches, stools, or adjustable chairs are not sturdy and strong enough to handle pressure or weight. They are not heavy duty and might slip themselves if there is a lot of weight applied to the average chair. One would avoid this risk, and opt for a product that is safer and fits perfectly according to their choices. Bariatric shower chairs are made specifically for people who need extra stability in the shower area. These chairs come with a strong frame support and are made to not slip inside the bathroom. They are easier to carry, and do not take up a lot of space either. They come with different options such as a reclining backrest, or a commode chair, and many other features that make it more sturdy and convenient.

A good example is the Medline Bariatric Bath Bench which has comfortable, blow molded seat with integrated handles that provide additional support. Its non-slip rubber feet resist slipping on the bathtub or shower floor. It has durable, aluminum frame that is corrosion resistant and has angled legs to distribute weight over a large area to increase patient security. Its dual cross brace provides extra stability with extremely durable welds. Another good example is the Graham-Field Bariatric Bath Seat which is durable blow-molded plastic seat with optional backrest. It has adjustable seat height which is adjustable in 1" increments. The seat comes assembled with tool-free back attachment. Its anodized aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and rust-resistant.

Next is the Provider Bariatric Rise And Recline Tilting Shower Chair which is an electrically powered chair with a 32 degree tilting function. The rise and recline raises efficiency by allowing a single caregiver to perform the whole showering procedure. With height adjustment and tilt function, the caregiver and user can maintain eye contact, improving communication and providing a safer showering experience. Last but not the least the ConvaQuip Bariatric Transport Shower Chair which has anodized aluminum and stainless steel fasteners that prevents rusting and has easy lock and unlock braking system on back casters.


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