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5 Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

5 Best Pillow for Back Sleepers
HPFY Staff Writer

A good night's sleep is essential to a healthy body and mind.  Restorative sleep helps the body to relax and re-energize itself after a long day. However, for some a good night’s sleep is not common place due to many reasons, such as not having the best constructed pillow for their preferred sleeping position. 

Back sleepers may find it challenging  to sleep peacefully and wake up without a neck cramp or a backache. Most blame the position itself, but it may be time to change the pillow.  

HPFY offers five of the best pillow for back sleepers that may be exactly what you need for a more peaceful and comfortable slumber.   

5 Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

1. Therapeutica Pillow 

The Therapeutic spinal alignment pillow for back sleepers offers the utmost comfort and support to achieve a good night's sleep. The Therapeutica Pillow is a cervical support pillow that properly aligns the spine while sleeping. The pillow consists of a wedge extension to support the spine and enhance posture. It comes with a washable zip-open cover to keep the pillow hygienic. 

Features of the Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow: 

  • Therapeutica back sleeper pillow is made of non-allergenic, non-toxic foam that is recyclable. 
  • It has a unique wedge shape that supports the upper back and has raised side sections that accommodate shoulder height for side sleepers.  
  • Flexible side cavities for cushioning and jaw comfort.  
  • Contoured headrests keep the head and neck level.                                                        
Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow



2. Core Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow 

The Core Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow helps alleviate neck pain and correctly aligns the spine while supporting the neck in its natural position. This FSA-approved neck pillow is comfortable but firm. The side lobes of these pillows for back pain keep the head in the correct position during sleep. The trapezoid-shaped center delivers great orthopedic pillow benefits for back sleepers by cradling the head and allowing the built-in neck roll to support the neck firmly. Is made of a high resiliency fiber that springs back when compressed for exceptional comfort and durability. 

Features of the Core Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow: 

Core Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow



3. Core D-Core Cervical Support Pillow 

The Core D-Core Cervical Support Pillow helps alleviate tension headaches, neck spasms, arthritis, and snoring It has a patented D-Shaped center that gently supports the head while the lobe supports the neck, helping restore the natural curvature of the neck and upper spine. Interestingly, high-pressure links fibers together during manufacturing to create good resiliency levels This process keeps the fiber in place and resists migration. Core-D back support pillow for bed also offers consistent support as many other the pillow fibers generally have amorphous tendencies and can clump or rat tail during cleaning. 

Features of the D-Core Cervical Support Pillow Fiber: 

  •  Allows for optimized comfort and support for a sound sleep. 
  • The high-quality fiber is blown to ensure uniform distribution and pillow weight. 
  • Uses a conjugated fiber that acts like a spring.  
  • Natural flame retardance and durability. 
Core D-Core Cervical Support Pillow



4. Core Basic Cervical Support Pillow 

The Core Basic Cervical Support Pillow soothes tired back muscles and supports the neck in its most natural position. The cervical support pillow for back sleepers conforms to the neck's curvature and allows the user to relax fully. May help alleviate tension headaches and neck pain and can help promote healing for individuals recovering from neck injury or surgery. 

Features of the Core Basic Cervical Support Pillow: 

  • The contoured design is ideal for back sleeping. 
  • Helps restore the natural curvature of the neck. 
  • Helps relieve morning hand stiffness and swelling.  
  • Helps correct the cause of neck pain, supports treatment and makes it easier to regain proper function after any injury, surgery, or accident. 
Core Basic Cervical Support Pillow



5. Foam Roll Positioning Support Pillow 

The Core Foam Roll Positioning Support Pillow is designed with a small profile, making it easy to achieve support without adding bulk. The pillow can be tucked under the neck, back, knees, or ankles for a comfortable night's sleep or when recuperating from an injury. 

Features of the Core Memory Foam Pillow for Back Sleeper: 

  • Supports the cervical system to avoid muscle pain in the neck and shoulders.  
  • Compact-sized versatile neck roll offers comfortable positioning. 
  • The cervical foam roll fits easily inside a standard pillowcase. 
  • Great for back sleepers. 
Core Foam Roll Positioning Support Pillow



Why Use a Pillow for Back Sleeper? 

Sleeping on your back is considered good for spinal alignment, yet only 10% of people are reported to be back sleepers. If supported appropriately with the best pillow, sleeping on the back can become effectively easy and beneficial.  

Sleeping on your back with a specifically contoured neck pillow may offer many benefits: 

1. Back sleeper pillow prevents shoulder aches 

Dozing on your back distributes weight evenly and takes the stress off the shoulder muscles. A supine position with arms down at the side can help prevent musculoskeletal pain. Many people experience neck and shoulder aches when sleeping on their side or stomach. Sleeping on your back reduces these ailments.

2. Pillows for back pain lower the risk of acid reflux 

The right pillow for back sleepers keeps the neck positioned higher than the stomach during sleep. This ensures that food and acid do not creep back up to the esophagus.  

3. Back pillows alleviate tension headaches 

Tension headaches result from constant stress, eye strain, jaw clenching, using the phone at odd hours, or sleeping on the stomach. Sleeping on your back neutralizes neck posture and helps alleviate tension headaches. 

4. Firm pillows for sleeping align the spine properly 

Awkward or stressful spinal posture can cause debilitating back pain. When an individual sleeps on their back, the spine gets ample support, and the neck, head, and spine remain neutral.  

5. Pillows for back sleepers relieve sinus buildup 

With the proper cushioning, resting on the back allows for draining sinus buildup during the night and keeps the person from waking up feeling congested. Back sleeping also reduces the discomfort of going to bed with a stuffed or dripping nose.  

6. Back pillows cause no face or skin irritation 

Sleeping on the stomach presses your face into the pillow, which can potentially cause breakouts due to constant contact with oils and dirt on the pillow.  

Where can I buy the best pillow for back sleepers? 

As your partner in health and wellness, HPFY offers a variety of products from industry leaders at affordable prices. Check out our website to find the best pillow for your sleeping needs and enjoy a good night’s sleep! 


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