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5 Best Hand Sanitizers for Effective Germ Protection

5 Best Hand Sanitizers for Effective Germ Protection
HPFY Staff Writer

Best Hand Sanitizers
Product Why Pick It?
1. Medline Sterillium Comfort Gel Sanitizers Keeps hands hydrated
2. Coloplast Isagel Hand Sanitizing Gel No rinse sanitizer
3. Dial Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap Fresh scent liquid soap
4. CoreTex Hand Sanitizer Kills germs without water
5. DermaRite San-E-Foam Foam lather keeps hands soft

Hand sanitizers have been around for years and became even more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are classified as an antiseptic product formulated with ingredients that kill germs.  

These germ warriors are great to have on hand (pun intended) to reduce the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria. They are convenient and easy to use, especially when soap and water are not available. What was once a standard product has many variations; even some fancy hand sanitizers are now available. With so many options, how do you know which is the best hand sanitizer to use?

Things to Consider 

Before you purchase a hand sanitzer gel, there are some important things you should think about. Remember that this is a product you will apply to your skin. Just because the label may say “Best Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer” or “Best Hand Sanitizer for Travel” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right one for you. Be aware of the following: 

  • Read the Active Ingredients: Whether ethyl or isopropyl, hand sanitizers usually have one of these alcohols in their list of active ingredients. Alcohol kills germs, and you want to make sure one of these types of alcohol is in the hand sanitizer you purchase. 
  • Let's Concentrate: According to research by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), a hand sanitizer must have 60% alcohol content or higher to kill germs. 
  • Types: Hand sanitizers come in different formulations, such as gel, liquid, foam, and spray. The gel is the easiest to apply and the most common form.  
  • Great Travel Buddy: Hand sanitizers make great travel companions because they are easy to bring along with you in a purse or backpack. 

It is important to note that while hand sanitizers offer convenience and fight the spread of viruses and bacteria, they are not a substitute for proper hand washing. Soap and water are truly the only way to effectively clean dirt and other debris from your hands.  

Safety Warning 

Because they are formulated with alcohol, hand sanitizers are flammable. Keep them out of reach of children, and don’t use them near a fireplace or any type of open flame.  

Too Much of a Good Thing 

Another issue with the high alcohol content of hand sanitizers is they can cause dry skin and irritation. Make sure not to overuse hand sanitizers. Using a moisturizer in conjunction with these products is a good idea, especially if you use them frequently.  

The 5 Best Hand Sanitizers 

With so many choices, how do you know which is the best sanitizer for you and your family? We have put together a list of the 5 Best Hand Sanitizers: 

1. Medline Sterillium Comfort Gel Hand Sanitizers 

LatexFree Latex Free

Talk about a germ warrior! This hand sanitizer not only reduces skin irritation but also kills 99.9% of germs and harmful bacteria in 15 seconds. Used in hospitals and clinics you can now get the same formula at home that is used in hospitals and clinics.  

  • Contains 85% ethyl alcohol 
  • Tested by dermatologists 
  • Easy-to-use 

Medline Sterillium Comfort Gel Hand Sanitizers


2. Coloplast Isagel No-Rinse Instant Hand Sanitizing Gel  

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

No need to rinse your hands after using this hand sanitizer. It kills bacteria and viruses within 15 seconds and is a highly-rated best-selling gel. 

  • Effective anti-microbial 
  • Contains 60% ethyl alcohol 
  • Added moisturizers keep hands soft 

Coloplast Isagel No-Rinse Instant Hand Sanitizing Gel


3. Dial Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap 

Made in USA Made In USA

Kills 95% of pathogenic bacteria, and this amazing soap is kind to your hands, even with frequent use. Special skin conditioning ingredients will keep your skin smooth and germ-free.  

  • Kills 99.9% of germs 
  • Formulated with moisturizer to soothe dry skin 
  • Unscented 

Dial Antimicrobial Liquid Hand Soap


4. CoreTex Hand Sanitizer 

Made in USA Made In USA

Formulated for professional and home use. This hand sanitizer leaves no sticky residue on the skin and evaporates quickly. The 2-ounce size is great for travel and on-the-go. 

  • Contains moisturizers for soft skin 
  • Kills 99.9% of germs within seconds 
  • Perfect for a purse or backpack 

CoreTex Hand Sanitizer


5. DermaRite San-E-Foam Foaming Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E 

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Keep your skin clean and smooth with this special foaming hand sanitizer. The soothing, rich foam is formulated with Vitamin E to soothe skin and leave hands soft, even with repeated use. Great for both professional and home use, this no-rinse formula can be your go-to germ fighter.  

  • Great for frequent handwashing 
  • Kills germs fast 
  • No sticky residue. 

DermaRite San-E-Foam Foaming Hand Sanitizer with Vitamin E


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