Find the Best Reachers Recomended for People with Limited Mobility

Find the Best Reachers Recomended for People with Limited Mobility

Sometimes an accident, physical disability or neurological issue might lead to a person losing the use of their hands or fingers. Basic tasks such as holding or carrying things around become a difficult and painful task. This applies even to those who are confined to the wheelchair or are bedridden. In such situations, one always needs a person to assist them, thus making the person dependent on another for basic tasks. Reachers are devices that come in handy in such situations.

What are Reachers?

Using a simple mechanical principle of the pulley system, reachers are used to grasp and hold things around. They can be used to lift things, pull or push and place things around. They work like a bionic arm in many cases, like an extended arm. The simple technique of pressing a lever puts into action a hand-like claw or grasping arm that helps hold or catch the object.

When does one need a Reacher?

There are a number of reasons why one may have to use a reacher

  • Humerus fractures
  • Muscle and ligament tears
  • Sprains and strains
  • Bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder instability
  • Tendinitis
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Mallet, baseball or trigger finger

People bound to a wheelchair or bedridden people might also require the assistance of a reacher to carry out simple tasks. Those suffering from arthritis may find bending down difficult. In such a case reachers help them reach down to pick things up thus eliminating the need for bending or sitting down.

Types of Reachers

There are six basic types of reachers

  • All-purpose reacher: These reachers are specially designed to pick up all kinds of objects. They can pick up big and heavy objects and even tiny ones. Each of these reachers has its own range.
  • Ergonomic handle reacher: People with hand or wrist difficulties should use these reachers as the ergonomic handle provides ease and comfort. These reachers have power handles, thus a small movement on the lever will activate the reacher.
  • Folding reacher: Also popularly known as travel reachers, they can easily be folded and carried around in a backpack. They have locks at the folds that ensure the reacher does not fold up while in use.
  • Adjustable length reacher: A common choice among wheelchair-bound and bedridden people, this reacher can be altered according to one’s need thus making it easier for a person to pick up things both near and far.
  • Lightweight reacher: These reachers are made of carbon steel or aluminum and are light in weight. They can be carried around easily and put less strain on the arm or the hand while in use.
  • Outdoor reacher: With a superior strong grip, these reachers are specially made for outdoor and rough use. They are sturdier than other reachers and can be put to the test almost anywhere.

What's The Best Reacher Grabber Tool for You?

Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Easireach II Reacher with Ergonomic Handle

Designed for people with limited dexterity or range of motion, the Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Easireach II Reacher is ideal for use in the home, while gardening or even when out shopping. People will find this reacher very user friendly because of its ergonomic handle which ensures there is no strain on the hands during use. Even the tiniest of things is easy to pick up with the Sammons Preston reacher.

Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Easireach II Reacher with Ergonomic Handle
  Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Reacher

Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Reacher

This reacher is ergonomically designed to provide effortless functioning. It has a serrated yellow jaw and a flexible foam rubber tip for secure handling of objects. The Sammons Preston Lightweight Aluminum Reach is made of high-quality, lightweight durable 

FabLife Open Jaw Finger Trigger Reacher

People with restricted reach and hand strength will find this reacher very useful. Available in a variety of sizes, both standard and folding, the metal frame of the reacher makes this product durable and its pistol grip provides secure holding. Picking up objects is made clever because of the magnetic tip feature of the FabLife Open Jaw Finger Trigger Reachers.

FabLife Open Jaw Finger Trigger Reacher
  Carex Metal Reacher with Magnetic Tip

Carex Metal Reacher with Magnetic Tip

Access to hard-to-reach spots and difficult areas is made easy with the Carex reacher. It is easy to use and makes life easy for those individuals who have weakened strength and are unable to reach out to items in tight spots. Carex Metal Reacher has a magnetic tip that picks up metal objects with ease.

Easy-to-use mechanisms and simple but durable materials have made reachers an easy tool to keep at home. Since they come in all price ranges, they are affordable for everyone. Picking up and grasping things has been easier than ever. Choosing the right reacher can make a lot of difference in your healing or rehabilitation process.


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