Fighting A Hot Summer

Fighting A Hot Summer

This summer, the temperature is shooting dangerously to triple digit in many parts of USA. By early June, many regions have already experienced the hike in high temperatures, though for the short period. It usually occurs when the high pressure in the upper atmosphere of the southern plains shifts towards northern areas, expanding heat across much of the nation.

Along with the high temperatures, the heat index also shoots to three figures, somewhere in between 100° and 110°. In such weather conditions it is required to take extra precautions while going outdoors. The heat can actually fry your skin and high ultra-violet rays.

Usually the places like Missouri, Kansas City, Colorado, Pierre, South Dakota, Dallas and Lubbock are prone to face high temperature conditions. It may be a threat for residents as high humidity level also increases the discomfort level. People who are sick or elderly need to take extra precautions.

Some health tip that can benefit:

  • Stay hydrated at all time. Drink plenty of water before going outdoors.
  • Stay in shade as much as you can to avoid direct heat.
  • While getting out of your car, don’t leave kids or any pet locked inside.
  • Limit strenuous activity and avoid alcohol as much as you can.
  • Use products like Polar Cool58 Phase Change Adjustable Zipper Cooling Vest or Polar Cool58 Phase Change Poncho Cooling Vest with Cool58 Phase Change Pack Strips to keep the body cool anywhere you want.
  • Use temperature regulating pillow and mattress protectors like Outlast® Not Too Hot Not Too Cold™ Temperature Regulating Pillow and Outlast® Not Too Hot Not Too Cold™ Temperature Regulating Mattress Protector for additional safety.

Fighting A Hot Summer

Be prepared with all the emergency contact numbers in case of heat stress symptoms. Call 911 immediately if faced with heat rash, heat cramps, dizziness, fainting, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. 


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