Extending your Reach

Extending your Reach

There are millions of people around the world who suffer from the unfortunate situation of being on bed rest for at least some period of their life. Bed ridden patients often are recommended to avoid moving their body excessively as it can aggravate the condition that put them in bed in the first place. But one always yearns to be independent even when there are confined to a bed. Technology has eased a lot of such problems by developing new devices and systems that help people in using muscles to achieve greater results.

One of these technologies is a reacher. As the name suggests, a reacher is used to, well, reach stuff. Many people cannot move a lot, bend, lean or perfectly grip stuff. Reachers are of great help in these instances. A reacher uses the most basic of mechanisms to help you hold on to things that are kept at a distance. For example if one needs a mug or a book kept on the table opposite the bed, one can use a reacher to get to it, and grip it perfectly to bring it towards them.

A reacher has three parts, a handle, a lever, and a claw. The handle is attached to the lever. When one presses the lever, the claw opens and closes thus enabling the user to hold on to things.

Extending your Reach 

What are the options in reachers?

Extending your ReachExtending your ReachExtending your ReachExtending your Reach

  • The Adapt-a-Reacher with Suction Cups features a 360 degree rotating head which allows versatile gripping while removable suction cups add additional grip strength. The durable rubber grip tips will not mar object surfaces during pick up and manipulation. This reacher has heavy-duty fabrication and built to withstand years of heavy usage. It has three inch jaw opening.
  • The Clip For Featherweight Reacher fastens reachers to canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and hospital bed rails to keep them nearby. It fits with most reachers when tubing the is less than 9/16" in diameter.
  • The Etac Aktiv Lightweight Reacher with Nonslip Jaws is used for reaching myriad objects or as dressing aids. This reacher feature striated plastic jaws that securely grip round and square objects with minimum grasp strength from the user. Adjustable 360° turning jaws conveniently set at any angle, eliminating arm-turning. The handle has a support for the index finger which gives improved precision.
  • The Invacare Basic Lightweight Aluminum Reacher With Magnet Tip And Ergonomic Handle is ease of use. It is made of durable, lightweight aluminum joined with plastic serrated gripper that opens to three inches wide and magnetic tip retrieves small metal objects. It is 26.5 inches long and ideal for multiple tasks and kitchen use.


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