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Ease Labor with Peanut Ball

Ease Labor with Peanut Ball
Ayush Henry

Peanut ball is a highly effective tool to speed up the labor process for women with an epidural. A study revealed that the women who were using peanut ball during pregnancy dramatically reduced the risk to undergo a cesarean surgery and delivered babies faster as compared to the women who did not use it.

In current time, most people are familiar with standard birth/exercise balls. They’ve gained importance over the years and have different uses that include building core strength and a way of improving posture and activeness during labor. A peanut ball can give additional benefits if used regularly during pregnancy.

Ease Labor with Peanut Ball
Aeromat Therapy Peanut Ball

What is a Peanut Ball?

A peanut ball is an inflatable ball that is made from the same material as a labor ball or a birth ball. Being shaped like a peanut, the ball got its name. The ball doesn’t flatten like a pillow instead it stays inflated. It neither slips nor slides.

What is the best size Peanut Ball for Labor?

It comes in variety of sizes. To choose the right size consider below parameters-

  • If you’re 5ft 3in or less, a 45cm peanut ball will be most suitable.
  • If you’re in between 5ft 3in and 5ft 7in, a 50cm peanut ball is recommended.
  • If you’re over 5ft 8in you might find a 60cm inflatable peanut ball most comfortable.
  • The 70 cm ball can be best used for sitting purpose.

How does a Peanut Ball help in Labor?

Peanut Balls are also known as birthing balls. They can be used in a variety of ways to ease the discomfort of childbirth and progress labor. Sitting on peanut ball supports pelvis and bottom in a much better way than any other ball.  A peanut ball can:

  • Improve posture during pregnancy.
  • Improve engagement and positioning in late pregnancy.
  • Increase comfort during labor.
  • Reduce labor time.
  • Shorten pushing phase.

Ease Labor with Peanut Ball

Improve posture during pregnancy

Better posture can be attained by sitting on an inflatable peanut ball. The person must typically sit upright and engage the core in order to maintain position on the ball. The core related muscles will strengthen and will be useful in the later stage. Use peanut ball as a chair during pregnancy to improve posture and pelvic floor alignment.

Improve engagement and positioning in late pregnancy

Using peanut ball in late pregnancy may assist the baby engage in correct position to move down in the pelvis. In many cases it eases and shortens the labor. A study revealed that more than 25% pelvis opening can be achieved by regularly using peanut ball. Also there are huge chances that a posterior baby can turn into an anterior baby for better and safe delivery.

Increase comfort during labor

Hospitals have now started keeping peanut balls on their delivery floors and allowing moms (in labor) to gently bounce on them. Moms may get relief as this exercise is believed to help bring the baby down.

How to use a Peanut Ball?

Method 1:

  • Get into semi reclined position.
  • Put one leg over the ball and another leg to the side of the ball.
  • Push the ball close towards the hips without losing comfort.
  • Take care of the right placement for best results.

Method 2:

  • Lie down in a side-lying or semi-prone position,
  • Use the peanut ball to lift the upper leg and open the pelvic outlet.
  • Angle the peanut ball so that the leg hooks around the narrower part, or aligned with both knee and ankle resting on the ball.
  • Use this position to help rotate a posterior baby to a more favorable position for delivery.

There are many other exercises that can be done using an inflatable peanut ball. Initially prefer having a healthcare professional with you for better posture and exercise. Later the exercise can be done independently.


Where to buy Peanut Balls online?

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