Choosing the Right O2 Concepts Oxygen Concentrator

Choosing the Right O2 Concepts Oxygen Concentrator

O2 Concepts is one of the world’s top manufacturers of portable oxygen concentrators made in the USA. Oxygen concentrators are mediums to provide oxygen therapy in various concentrations. They pull in air from the environment and convert it to pure oxygen for patients. O2 Concepts offers such premium oxygen concentrators that are not only efficient but also contain world class features made to make oxygen therapy a convenient and comfortable experience.

Features of the O2 Concepts Oxygen Concentrator

O2 Oxlife oxygen concentrators are equipped with a number of hi-tech features that enable swift, easy, and comfortable use of the machine thus making oxygen therapy a simple process. These features include:

  • Cellular connection to the device via a Verizon network
  • GPS pinpoint for easy location of the concentrator
  • A remote portfolio management system
  • Easy understanding and management of machine using analytics via an online portal
  • Uses the Energy Smart Technology to create more oxygen in less energy thus saving power as well as time
  • Has the longest battery life in its class of portable oxygen concentrators
  • Components are made of polycarbonate structure so as to increase its functioning life
  • A powerful core ensures that the machine performs efficiently all the time.
O2 Concepts Oxlife Freedom Portable Oxygen Concentrator O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator

How to choose the right O2 Concepts Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

There are a number of factors one has to look into before choosing any kind of oxygen concentrator as the slightest of miscalculation can cause severe repercussions. But need not worry. At HPFY we aim to provide all the necessary information one needs to make a safe and informed choice. Since O2 concentrators come with a variety of features and different types of concentrator machines, we need to look into what we want before choosing the perfect one. There are four factors one should look into:

Prescription of Oxygen Concentrators

Prescription refers to the dose of pure oxygen that has to be delivered to the patient. There are two types of dose available in O2 concentrators:

  • Continuous dose v/s Pulse Dose: Continuous dose concentrators provide a constant stream of oxygen to the user whereas pulse dose concentrators provide oxygen based on the breathing rate of the patient. It provides 2L/M continuous or 2-4L/M pulse via a conserving device.
  • Pulse Dose or On Demand: A healthcare professional tests the amount needed while ambulating the patient to ensure that the maintained oxygen saturation is less than or equal to 89%.

O2 Concepts POC Flow Rate

The amount of oxygen an oxygen concentrator releases in a single working unit is referred to as the flow rate. There are two options:

  • Smaller POC’s or Portable Oxygen Concentrators produce less than 10lbs within pulse doses. One should refrain from using this during sleep
  • 24/7 POCs are available in 2-3L continuous dose and 6L in pulse dosage.

Battery Life of O2 Oxygen Concentrator

Battery life is an important aspect that allows you to understand the time period of your usage as well as the time limit of the machine. You can choose from:

  • Continuous flow machines such as the O2 Concepts Independence which functions for 2.5 hours on 2L and 1.5 hours for 3L.
  • Pulse dose machines such as the O2 Concepts Freedom that gives a 3.5-hour life for 2L.
  • One can also purchase car chargers to maintain the battery while traveling.

Other Features of Oxygen Concentrators

The look, size, and weight of the machine are the final major things you need to factor in while choosing an O2 Concepts Portable Oxygen Concentrator. You can also look for the warranty offered by others to know what’s best for you. O2 Concepts offers a 5-year warranty on Independence machines, 3 year warranty on sieve beds, and 1-year warranty on the battery. Freedom, on the other hand, has a 3-2-1 warranty of the same.

Where do I Buy O2 Concepts Portable Oxygen Concentrator Online?

At HPFY, we offer a wide range of O2 Concepts Independence and Freedom Oxygen Concentrators at the best prices. Equipped with the best features from O2 Concepts, we aim that you have a comfortable and safe oxygen therapy session.


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