Choosing the Right Communication Aid

Choosing the Right Communication Aid

Communication is one of the most important parts of a person’s social life. Proper communication is what enables a person to portray their personality and skills in the most profitable ways. Many people suffering from a lot of disorders or disabilities might find it difficult to cope up. There are also many children that have a little difficulty in understanding something as compared to other children. This does not stem from a disorder or disability but a difference in brain functioning. Some children might excel at painting and drawing while facing problems with language and speaking. Some are excellent speakers but may have difficulties in doing a dexterous task.

What are Communication Aids?

Communication aids are devices or items that help an individual communicate effectively with those around them. They can range from a simple letter board to a more sophisticated piece of electronic equipment. Each communication aid should match the physical, intellectual and social needs of an individual.

Types of Communication Aids

There are four major types of communication aids:

  • Comprehensive Expressive Aids:  They aim to meet most of a person’s communication needs throughout the day. Alphabet boards, communication boards and books with a wide range of messages represented by letters, words, photos and/or symbols are some of the most common in this type.

  • Targeted Expressive Aids: They are designed for specific situations when specific message sets are needed, such as community request cards, or object symbols to allow a person to make basic requests.

  • Visual Supports: They assist you in helping you make sense of your day, remember events or help with completion of tasks. Many people with complex communication needs have difficulty with memory and understanding abstract information.

  • Supports for Communication Partners: They provide details about an individual with complex communication needs, their means of communication and other routine related information that assist a communication partner to consistently support them throughout the day.

Benefits of Communication Aids

  • Improves speaking and learning ability

  • Provides a better understanding of letters and words

  • Helps improve diction and the ability to pronounce words

  • Gives confidence to an individual when they speak

Best Buys for Communication Aids

Book Talker Communication Device

This device is especially for children with communication disabilities. There are seven different levels to choose from and one can record 16 messages together using a 16-position flat switch array. A marking sticker with this Book Talker Communication Device can be placed on any page and one push of the marker begins the recording.

 Book Talker Communication Device
 7-Level Communication Builder

7-Level Communication Builder

There are seven levels for recordings with a self-contained communication device. The user can record and play back one, two, four, eight or 16 different messages per level. 7-Level Communication Builder enables you to record a total of 112 messages but if the user changes window frames then re-recording is needed.

SuperTalker Progressive Communicator Voice Output Device

A powerful communication device, it provides clear sound and offers 16 minutes of recording time. SuperTalker Progressive Communicator Voice output Device can store 64 messages with its eight levels of messaging capabilities.

 SuperTalker Progressive Communicator Voice Output Device


These devices are a revolutionary move in the sphere of communication aids as they not only improve the basic abilities but also the detailed skills that come together to cohesively increase a person’s ability to communicate.


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