Best Mat Treatment Tables for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Treatment tables have been a part of medical science since ancient times. One can see the presence of these tables on frescos that depict ancient healing centers of the world. Modern science uses this technique even today with few alterations from the past.

What is a Mat Treatment Table?

Basically made of hard wood or steel, a mat treatment table is covered on the top with a thick foam layering, mostly 2 inch in thickness. It is lower in height when compared to regular tables and specially crafted to support weights up to 600 lbs.

Manual techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofacial release, joint manipulation and stretching exercises can easily be carried out on this table.

Top 5 Mat Treatment Tables

1. Armedica Adjustable Hi-Lo Steel Mat Table

Enabled with durable and strong construction, it has a stylish design and the height is adjustable. Armedica Adjustable Mat Table is designed to provide a dependable solution to users for years. A section steel mat platform rest above four legs and features a Hi-Lo function. It can be manually adjusted with a fold away handle. Sustaining about 900 lbs the height can be adjusted to a height of about 20" to 30".


  • The handle can be safely folded away when not in use

  • It has tubular steel frames and legs; properly welded and burnished joints

  • The mat has bacterial protection and helps maintain sanitary requirements

  • Can be cleaned easily and helps eliminate cross contamination

  • The dense foam top provides adequate support and testifies to the durability

  • Seamless corners on upholstered components provide safety and reduce wear and tear

Armedica Adjustable Hi-Lo Steel Mat Table

2. Armedica AM-670 Wall Mounted Mat Treatment Table

It provides elegance in practical designs and a natural wood finish that adds to its attractiveness. Armedica AM-670 is a full size treatment table with a fixed height of 18". It can sustain up to 500 lbs.


  • Anti-bacterial foam provides comfort

  • Legs made of maple hardwood make it stable and strong

  • It can be folded and attached to the wall when not in use

  • Rounded corners of the upholstery reduce wear and tear

  • It has a standard height for all kinds of people

  • It has a super strong construction with a 400 lbs weight capacity

Armedica AM-670 Wall Mounted Mat Treatment Table

3. Armedica Fixed Height Maple Hardwood Mat Table


  • Has a firm and dense foam top

  • Made from natural maple wood

  • Legs made of hardwood provide stability and strength

  • One can get on and off the table easily

  • Anti-bacterial vinyl

  • Radiused and seamless corners reduce wear and tear

Armedica Adjustable Hi-Lo Steel Mat Table

4. Armedica AM-643 Hi-Lo Steel Mat Table with Adjustable Backrest

With strong construction and adjustable height it offers a dependable solution to users. Adjustable backrest is 29" in length and easily rises up to 80 degrees with the help of a gas spring assist. Armedica AM-643 has a two piece top with adjustable backrest and features a manual Hi-Lo function. The backrest locks in any position we deem fit.


  • Anti-bacterial vinyl

  • Upholstery can be cleaned easily

  • Tubular frames and legs with burnished welds provide stability

  • The legs feature a non-skid ability to maintain balance

  • The foam top is firm and dense

Armedica AM-643 Hi-Lo Steel Mat Table with Adjustable Backrest

5. Bailey Classroom H-Brace Treatment Table with Removable Mat

Designed and tested therapeutically to offer work surfaces that are rigid, durable and comfortable, Bailey H-Brace is constructed of strong hardwood and birch plywood, accompanied with an excellent natural finish. The English Oak laminated top features radius corners for safety and comfort. Included removable mat attaches by hook and loop.


  • Thick and firm vinyl foam top

  • Standard clearance of the table is 22 inches

  • Must be assembled at the place of use

  • The mat is an Imperial Blue durable mat

  • It can sustain up to 300 lbs

Bailey Classroom H-Brace Treatment Table with Removable Mat

Mat medical treatment tables boast of a strong construction that has allowed them to stand the test of times and be popular even today. Their elegant design and attractive finish is what makes them so comfortable and user-friendly. They are durable and very easy to maintain making them cost effective medical treatment tables.


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