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How to use a Nasal CPAP Masks?

How to use a Nasal CPAP Masks?
Taikhum Sadiq

Nasal CPAP masks are one of the most commonly used CPAP masks and are designed to comfortably provide CPAP therapy to an individual via the nose. Nasal CPAP masks are designed to fit neatly and comfortably over the nose so as to ensure that there are no leakages whatsoever. Although nasal CPAP masks are easy to use, people often get confused about how to use them. At HPFY, we have listed simple steps that will help you easily wear and use a nasal CPAP mask without any additional help or assistance.

How to fit the nasal CPAP mask comfortably?

Different masks have a different procedure that involves not only wearing the basic mask system but also adjusting the various features that accompany the nasal mask.

Position – The position of the user is the first thing that affects the fitting of the mask. A patient who is lying down might not require the same fitting while sitting up. Always fit the nasal mask while the patient is lying down to get the best fitting possible.

Size – Even after perfectly wearing the mask, if the individual feels uncomfortable then the size of the mask might be the issue. Sometimes even the smallest increase or decrease in size can cause discomfort to the user.

Sizing Gauge – Some masks come with a sizing gauge to perfectly fit the mask around the nose while ensuring minimal leakages. Always ensure that the sizing gauge is perfectly calibrated so that there is no discomfort to the patient while using the nasal mask.

Headgear – Headgears are often a part of nasal masks as they improve the stability of the nasal CPAP mask during the procedure. Loose fitting headgears or tight headgears might increase pressure on the face and the nose thus causing discomfort and fitting problems.

What are the Types of Nasal CPAP Masks available?

There are two major types of nasal CPAP masks that are designed for two very broad uses.

1. Standard Nasal CPAP Masks

Standard nasal CPAP masks provide a larger surface area and cover the entire nose comfortably. They have minimal design modifications and are standard in structure for easy fitting and easy breathing. They provide a clear line of vision for reading, watching TV, or wearing glasses while using the nasal masks.

2. Nasal Pillow Masks

Designed for CPAP therapy during sleep or in a lying down position, nasal pillow masks can be used in different sleeping positions. They are light in build and unobtrusive in nature giving clear line of vision to the user. They are great for men who have facial hair as it fits comfortably over beards and moustaches.  

Best Five Nasal CPAP Masks for 2023

1. DreamWear Under The Nose Nasal CPAP Mask With Headgear

DreamWear Under The Nose Nasal CPAP Mask is an innovative mask that uses a tubelike frame to deliver airflow directly to the nasal cushion. Its unique design offers many of the benefits of nasal and pillow masks to allow patients to have the best of both mask types. It is a minimal contact mask designed to help accommodate users multiple sleeping positions and delivers therapy by covering both nostrils.

Features of DreamWear Under The Nose Nasal CPAP Mask

  • Remarkable design directs airflow through the frame so patients can sleep comfortably
  • Minimal contact under the nose cushion prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation in the nostrils
  • Cushion rests under the nose and seals both nostrils without needing to cover the entire nose
  • Unrestricted by cumbersome tubing, patients can sleep in any position they desire, on their stomach, side or back
  • Soft flexible silicone frame and fabric wraps provide a soft touch on the patient's cheek
  • Innovative tube-like frame is designed to allow airflow to pass through it to reach the nasal cushion
  • Frame is a single piece with connections for the hose elbow, headgear, and nasal cushion
  • If one side of the frame is closed by being laid on, the airflow can pass entirely through the other side without negatively effecting therapy pressure
  • Frames and cushions are interchangeable, so any size frame will fit any size cushion
  • Nasal mask design leaves line of sight open for reading and TV watching before bed
  • Frame is designed with the elbow at the crown of the head, allowing the hose to be routed above the user for optimal comfort
  • Nasal mask design helps alleviate tug on the front of the mask enabling a more stable seal during the night

Benefits of DreamWear Under the Nose Nasal CPAP Mask

  • Can increase efficiency by requiring education on only one mask
  • May reduce the number of masks needed to set up a patient
  • Helps streamline the amount of inventory to be managed
  • Can accommodate full face, nasal and gel pillows cushions
  • Allows for easy switching between cushion types

How to use the DreamWear Under The Nose Nasal CPAP Mask?

  • Hold the sizing gauge horizontally under the nose and select the cushion size based on where the outer edge of the nostrils and tip of the nose contact the gauge
  • The cushion opening will be directly under the nostrils. The cushion will hug the nose and leak will be minimal. With the mask assembled, place the cushion under the nose
  • Position the frame on the top of the head
  • Pull the headgear over the back of the head
  • To adjust the mask, peel the headgear tabs away from the fabric. Adjust the straps length. Press the tabs back against the fabric to reattach.
  • Position the mask until it fits comfortably. When finished, the elbow should rest at the top of the head
  • Mask frame sizing
  • The medium (MED) mask frame will comfortably fit most faces

2. 3B Medical Rio II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask With Headgear

3B Medical Rio II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask With Headgear has a unique rotating ball in socket swivel that offers true freedom of movement to its users. The ergonomically designed interface allows the angle of the pillows reservoir to be adjusted to a more customized and natural fit. It is equipped with only 2.3-ounce headgear making it one of the lightest masks in the market.

Features of 3B Medical Rio II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask With Headgear

  • Small, light, and easy to fit
  • Superior seal at any angle
  • Ultra light and travel-friendly
  • Simple design with two-point adjustment
  • Improved frame and headgear

What does 3B Medical Rio II Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Include?

  • CPAP mask
  • Headgear
  • Cushion of small, medium and large sizes

3. Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 407 Nasal CPAP Mask

Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 407 Nasal CPAP Mask offers an over-the-nose mask solution that fits better, feels lighter and is easier to use. The stretchgear headgear provides even greater comfort and a maintenance-free bias diffuser ensures quieter operation. With foam cushion flexifit technology automatically adjusts to a wide range of nasal and facial contours with simple one-step easy of fitting.

Features of Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit Nasal CPAP Mask

  • Comes with a unique glider strap mechanism for maximum comfort and stability
  • Sliding glider strap provides freedom of movement while maintaining a seal
  • Special elastic headgear segment that maintains an equal mask force when the head tilts up or down
  • Seal technology has a soft, smooth feel to slide on to the face, and its frosted texture optimizes the mask seal
  • Advanced air diffuser system prevents air from blowing onto the sleeping partner and decreases
  • noise
  • Seal technology has a soft, smooth feel to slide on to the face, and its frosted texture optimizes the mask seal
  • Hidden strap release for one-step removal of headgear

What does Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit Nasal CPAP Mask?

  • Complete mask with headgear assembled
  • Single one size silicone seal designed to fit most patients
  • Foam cushion
  • User friendly guide


4. Respironics Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask

The Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask by Philips Respironics is developed to offer comfort and ease of use while fitting a wide range of users. Never losing site of the fact that mask comfort promotes successful therapy, the design of the Wisp is lightweight with minimal facial contact.

Features of Respironics Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask

  • The unique frame of the Wisp is offered in two formats - Clear Silicone or Fabric. The molded silicone is lightweight and flexible with smooth surfaces.
  • The Wisp cushion is small and lightweight with a minimum of silicone touching the face. Three sizes of cushions are included with the Wisp, sizes Petite; Small / Medium and Large.
  • The headgear and frame design is the source of support and seal for the Wisp omitting the need for a forehead support.
  • The lightweight and flexible short tube included with the Wisp connects to the swivel elbow. It serves as the connection between the long hose and the cushion - allowing for movement without losing the seal.
  • A convenient magnetic headgear clips that make it easy to put on and take off the mask. The magnetic clips anchor the headgear to the frame, providing stability and comfort and make it easy to remove the mask when needed.

What does Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask include?

  • Mask Frame - Silicone or Fabric
  • Headgear
  • Cushions - Small/Medium, Large, and X-Large
  • Tubing with elbow and swivel
  • Headgear clips

How to fit the Wisp Nasal CPAP Mask?

  • Fitting may be done sitting upright.
  • Detach the elbow and short tube from the mask frame by squeezing the quick release tabs on the elbow.
  • Unsnap one side of the headgear by twisting the headgear clip away from the frame.
  • To use the Wisp without the clips remove them and thread the headgear through the frame slots.
  • Place the cushion lightly on the nose.
  • Attach the clip to the frame and adjust as needed to position the mask.
  • Wisp headgear is intended to be worn loosely, allowing for two fingers to fit between the strap and head.
  • The headgear should lay flat along the back of the head.
  • Attach the elbow and short tube to the mask frame and attach the long hose to the short tube.
  • Use the headgear crown loop to secure the short tube up, over the head.
  • Turn on the machine blowing at the therapy pressure - lay down.
  • Turn the head side to side to check the seal.
  • If needed, pull the cushion away from the nose and reposition lightly on the nose.



5. Roscoe Sapphire Nasal CPAP Mask With Headgear

Roscoe Sapphire Nasal CPAP Mask With Headgear is designed with a unique 3D cushion that forms an excellent seal and provides patients with superior comfort while protecting the skin from pressure points and irritations. This gives advanced forehead support feature which uses a silicone pad to keep the mask in place.

Features of Roscoe Sapphire Nasal CPAP Mask With Headgear

  • It is both removable and replaceable
  • Smaller facial footprint
  • Soft 3D cushion mask technology provides an effective, yet comfortable seal. Cushions are removable and replacements are available
  • Innovative angle adjustable forehead pad has five levels of adjustment for the best fit possible
  • Quick-release headgear with Velcro fasteners allows for easy removal and eliminates the need for constant adjustment
  • Quiet air vent minimizes noises so patients are not disturbed during the night
  • Replacement seals are available
  • Adjustable silicone pad
  • Quiet air vent minimizes noises

What does Roscoe Sapphire Nasal CPAP Mask With Headgear include?

  • Frame
  • 3D cushion
  • Adjustable forehead pad
  • Headgear
  • Clips
  • User manual with care instructions

Where to Buy Nasal CPAP Masks Online?

At HPFY, we have an amazing range of top of the line nasal CPAP masks that offer excellent CPAP therapy at all times. Choose from the best nasal CPAP masks from top manufacturers and brands at great prices and amazing discounts.


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