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5 Best Bedside Commodes

5 Best Bedside Commodes
Shweta Chaubey

Bedside commodes are a true game-changer for anyone with limited mobility. A severe injury, illness, or advanced age can render one partially immobile, leading to a difficult time getting to the bathroom. A bedside commode chair is beneficial for anyone unable to safely get to a toilet or bathroom. Commode chairs are often used for people with reduced mobility or a high risk of falling over a regular toilet.

What is a Bedside Commodes?

A bedside commode is a movable toilet with no need for running water. The commode looks like a chair with a toilet seat and has a bucket or container underneath. Once the commode has been used, the container is removed for cleaning. The commode chair is placed beside the bed when a person cannot get to the bathroom. Some commodes also have wheels that are rolled away when not needed. The wheels are locked when the person uses the commode to prevent the chair from moving.

When is a Commode Chair used?

One may need to use a bedside commode if their wheelchair doesn't fit in the bathroom. If a person is bedridden or has severe pain and does not prefer a bedpan, they may use a bedside commode chair. 

How to use a Bedside Toilet Commode?

  • Firstly, make sure you adjust the commode properly so that when you sit down, your knees are placed lower than your hips and your feet are flat on the floor. 
  • Secondly, position the bedside commode against the wall or a large piece of furniture, so it will not move from underneath you when you sit. 
  • Then using a walker, back up until you feel the commode against the back of your legs. 
  • Make sure to position yourself directly in front of the commode so that when you sit down on it, you are positioned properly over the seat. 
  • Then, reach for both arms of the commode and slowly lower yourself down onto the commode.
  • Bear in mind that you don't want to reach for only one arm of the commode when you sit down, as you run the risk of tipping the commode off to one side.
  • When you want to stand up from the commode, place both hands on the arms of the commode to assist you in pushing up safely to a standing position.
  • Both feet should be flat and underneath you. As you transition to standing, take your hands off the commode and reach for the walker. 
  • Once standing with both hands on the walker, make sure your feet are fully underneath you and that you feel balanced before you start to walk. 

For many, it is a matter of maintaining their independence. A bedside commode with wheels boosts their confidence and preserves their dignity. Since it is quintessential to find a bedside commode compatible with one's unique circumstances, Health Products For You offers a comprehensive list of the best bedside commodes to meet all your needs. 

Five Top Rated Bedside Commodes 

  1. ProBasics 3-in-1 Folding Commode

As the name suggests, a 3-in-1 commode chair is a multi-purpose chair. It is used as a bedside commode, a toilet safety frame, a standard toilet for balance and leverage, and a shower chair for safe bathing. The ProBasics 3-in-1 Folding Commode has an elongated seat and steel frame. The clip-on seat comes with height adjustability up to 1-inch increments, complete with a commode bucket, splash guard, and cover. The full-size steel commode folds compactly for storage and makes delivery easy. The Folding Commode seat is removed for easy cleaning.

  1. ProBasics Bariatric Three-in-One Commode

Bariatric Commodes are designed for adults weighing 300 pounds or more. Bariatric commode chairs feature a reinforced frame made of non-corrosive, water-resistant materials, broader and deeper seating, padded arms and backrest, and a removable under-seat pail to serve as a non-flushable portable toilet.

ProBasics Bariatric 3-in-1 Commode features a wider seat and steel frame to support a greater weight capacity, making it ideal for larger patients. The versatile design has a rectangular pan and pan holder, armrests for added comfort, angled legs for stability, and non-marring rubber tips. The Bariatric Chair includes a commode bucket and a lid.

  1. Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat with Lid

A raised toilet seat is a device used to replace or go beneath a normal toilet seat. Raised toilet seats are often elevated toilet seats intended to offer extra height, so one needs not squat low. The Savanah Raised Toilet Seat with Lid allows for easy sitting and rising from the toilet. The elevated toilet seat offers the height required for the users to easily sit and rise from the toilet seat without any difficulties or additional assistance. Reduced bending and confidence are gained by users when using the raised toilet seat. 

  1. Dynarex Elongated Folding Bedside Commode

The Dynarex Elongated Folding Bedside Commode is a three-in-one commode that can be used as a commode, a raised toilet seat, or a toilet safety rail over your existing toilet. A plastic snap-on elongated seat with lid, 10-quart drop-in bucket with handle, splash guard, plastic armrests for added comfort, and removable tool-free back are all included. The steel welded construction and tool-free design of the commode make it simple to set up, with 1-inch increment height adjustments to raise or lower the chair height and safely accommodate any individual.

  1. Carex Bedside Steel Commode

Carex Bedside Commode offers the durability of steel and the practicality of a removable back. This bedside steel commode ensures your safety, mobility, and independence. The Carex Commode has three versatile functions: a commode, a raised toilet seat, and a toilet safety frame, and includes a bucket with a handle and lid as well as a splash guard. The seat height adjusts in one-inch increments from fifteen and a half inches to twenty-one and a half inches. 



Health Products For You takes pride in making health and wellness accessible to all. We understand that in today's world, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is necessary, one every person should be able to afford. We at HPFY believe in giving our customers the best deals possible. You will find the best raised toilet seats and bedside commodes at a price you can afford! Place your order with us and earn reward dollars on every purchase. These reward dollars may be used on your next order. 

Wishing you good health and wellness!


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