Achilles Tendinitis and Rehab

Achilles Tendinitis and Rehab

What is the Achilles tendon?

Named after the famed Greek hero, The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body. It is the tendon that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone is the backbone of all your walking, running, and jumping. Naturally, it is built to withstand the stress of jumping and running. It has the strength to withstand the force of a minor fall but usually wears down over time. It can be due to a genetic reason or due to overworked muscles.

What is Achilles tendinitis and what are its effects?

Tendinitis is basically the inflammation of the tendons. The inflammation of the Achilles tendon is thus known as Achilles tendinitis. There are two types of Achilles tendinitis, namely non-insertional which affects the middle region of the tendon and the insertional which affects the lower region of the tendon.

Symptoms of Achilles Tendonitis

The effects or symptoms of this problem are easily visible but it is always better to consult a doctor at the slightest doubt of an achilles tendonitis as it can worsen over time.

  • A mild ache at the back of the leg
  • Pain above the heel
  • Increasing pain over the days
  • Inflammation of the back heel
  • Stiffness and tenderness in the morning

Causes of Achilles Tendonitis

This problem usually occurs when a person exerts himself a lot in some or the other physical activity which in turn increases the pressure on the Achilles tendon. The strength of the tendon depends from person to person and so not everyone can withstand a lot of pressure on the tendon. Another reason is if one has tight calf muscles. Starting an aggressive exercise suddenly can cause the Achilles tendon to get ruptured or damaged.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment options include surgery, rest, exercise, ice therapy, and many more. Usually these therapies or treatment methods are combined with the use of item such as wraps or braces that reduce the inflammation and also help in enhancing the healing process. These wraps or braces come in different types and categories and can also be used as mediums for other therapies like magnotherapy, electrotherapy, etc.

Risk Factors for Achilles Tendonitis

There are a number of things that can act as risk factors and aggravate an already existing injury and result in achilles tendonitis:

Your Sex - Achilles tendonitis is more common among men

Age - The chances increase as age increases

Medical condition - People with arthritis ir high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from Achilles tendonitis

Physical Activity - One should always take precautions while undergoing any physical activity and should make sure they do not injure themselves or the tendon in any way.

What are my options?

Cramer Black Patellar Tendon Knee Strap

The Cramer Black Patellar Tendon Knee Strap uses a specially shaped, molded foam pad to compress the patellar tendon without uncomfortable constriction of blood flow to the lower limb. The strap has a low profile and slim silhouette and won't migrate during activity. It is non-reversible and 24 inches long.

Shop Cramer Black Patellar Tendon Knee Strap
Cramer Black Patellar Tendon Knee Strap

Breg Achilles Wedges

Breg Achilles Wedges are designed to comfortably place the foot in plantar flexion to offload the Achilles tendon during rehab. The Achilles Wedges provide customized height adjustments and are available for all walkers except ROM walkers and the Vectra Lite (unless a heel clip is used).

Breg Achilles Wedges Breg Achilles Wedges Breg Achilles Wedges
Breg Achilles Wedges

Core PowerWrap Ankle Support

Core PowerWrap Ankle Support is easy and comfortable to wear with a soft fit over the Achilles tendon and seamless bottom. It is easy to wear and adjust and is great for sports, home or anytime you need extra support.

Core PowerWrap Ankle Support Core PowerWrap Ankle Support Core PowerWrap Ankle Support
Core PowerWrap Ankle Support

FLA Orthopedics HealWell Cub Planter Fasciitis Night Splint

FLA Orthopedics HealWell Cub Planter Fasciitis Night Splint is made of cool, breathable foam material which is lightweight with less bulk for superior comfort. The inner shell provides lateral side support with an opening at the ankle to prevent irritation on the sensitive ankle bone. An adjustable hinge adjusts the amount of dorsiflexion from 0 degree to 10 degree, and a built-in toe wedge gives an additional 5 degree plane for even greater stretch across the Plantar Fascia.

FLA Orthopedics HealWell Cub Planter Fasciitis Night Splint
FLA Orthopedics HealWell Cub Planter Fasciitis Night Splint​


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