Wearing the Shoe

Wearing the Shoe

By Taikhum Sadiq

Going back to ancient Rome, where people wore sandals, the concept of shoe horns was first developed. Shoe horns though by the name sound creepy are actually handy tools which are used to wear a shoe perfectly without bending and also crushing the counter or the hind portion of the shoe. The name comes from the ancient people who used bull or cow horns as tools to wear their sandals. Nowadays, they are replaced by metal, wood, or plastic shoe horns. But the name eventually stuck.

Why do I need something to wear a shoe?

Well, though it might seem irrelevant for some to use something as simple as a shoe horn, this tool mainly comes in handy for people who do not want to or cannot bend down to wear their shoes. People around the world go through a lot of surgeries relating to their legs, hips, feet, etc. Many of these surgeries prevent them to bend down until they have recovered completely and many can’t bend even after they have recovered. Shoe horns help them avoid the pain and effort of bending down.

How is it helpful after a hip injury?

As obvious as it seems, we require the full functioning of our hip to bend and get up again. If you have sustained an injury or some other disorder in the hip, it becomes difficult to bend down. Well, one can also not raise their legs up high to wear their shoes as that too requires a fully functioning hip. Hence, shoe horns are an important part of their daily life. Using a shoe horn one can easily wear their shoes in a hassle free way.

Can I us it even if I don’t have an injury?

Yes! There is no rule stating that you can only drink juice if you feel weak. The same goes for shoe horns. You can always use a shoe horn to wear your shoes. Many women wear dresses that can make it uncomfortable for them to bend down and wear their shoes. Well, shoe horns to the rescue! You can easily use a shoe horn and save yourself from catastrophe.

Are there any categories for shoe horns?

Wearing the ShoeWearing the ShoeYes there are! Shoe horns come in different materials such as metal and plastic. There is also a difference in the wearing style where some have a long handle while some are in the shape of clip that attaches directly to your shoe. For example the Spring Action Shoehorn is a lightweight metal shoehorn having an easy-to-bend spring on the horn for better positioning. It is made up of nonskid handle which has hang up loop. The Clip Shoehorn on the other hand is constructed from steel and clips on to the shoe allowing the user to slide their foot in without trying to hold the shoehorn at the same time.

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