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Articles of December,2019

Walking Towards Fitness: A Walking Guide

Posted on Dec 31, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Walking is the simplest way to improve health and fitness. Believe it or not, simply walking can be the most effective way to improve your overall fitness and health. We here at HPFY can help you understand the benefits of walking.

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Prolonged Sitting: Disadvantages and Precautions

Posted on Dec 28, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

When we sit for long periods of time, a whole host of potential negative health issues can arise. We here at HPFY can fill you in on the disadvantages of sitting for long periods of time. [email protected]

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Benefits of Drinking Water: How Much and When?

Posted on Dec 21, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Water is present in just about everything we ingest, from water or other drinks to our food. We here at HPFY can give you some insight into how much water you may need and when it is appropriate to drink it.

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What Is Sciatica? Causes and Treatments

Posted on Dec 18, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Back pain can be quite common. Often it can be caused by overexertion or an over stretching of muscles in the back, but what happens when a nerve becomes impinged in our lower back? what treatments may be available to help relieve pain is important and Health Products for You can help.

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Treating Bad Breath at Home

Posted on Dec 12, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Since halitosis can be a detrimental social issue, how can you treat bad breath between visits to your dentist? HPFY can give you some tips for dealing with this issue in your home every day.

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Choosing the Right O2 Concepts Oxygen Concentrator

Posted on Dec 10, 2019 by Taikhum Sadiq

O2 Concepts is one of the world’s top manufacturers of portable oxygen concentrators made in the USA. Oxygen concentrators are mediums to provide oxygen therapy in various concentrations. At HPFY, we offer a wide range of O2 Concepts Independence and Freedom Oxygen Concentrators

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Why Is Processed Food Harmful?

Posted on Dec 10, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

We all know about the convenience of processed foods. They can be prepared quickly and often very cheaply, but that convenience comes at a great cost. Processed foods are unhealthy and potentially harmful and should be avoided. Health Products for You can give you some facts as to why.

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Exercises to Prevent Rotator Cuff Pain

Posted on Dec 10, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Our shoulder joint is quite the complicated assembly. Any injury to this area can be extremely painful and debilitating.Health Products For You can show you exercises to prevent it.

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Decoding the Link Between Exercise & Depression

Posted on Dec 09, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Exercise has a whole host of benefits that range from helping us maintain our Physical health and mental health. Health Products for You can explain how regular exercise can fend off depression.

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What Is Normal Blood Pressure?

Posted on Dec 09, 2019 by Kevin Cleary

Blood pressure can be an indicator of our overall health and Health Products for You can give you the facts on what is normal blood pressure.

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