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Swimming And Ostomy: 7 Valuable Tips For Swimming With An Ostomy

Swimming And Ostomy: 7 Valuable Tips For Swimming With An Ostomy
Akanksha Nigam

Summertime and swimming go hand-in-hand. What fun it is to laze around the pool with your family and make memories! Everyone is enjoying a dip in the cool water under the sun...except you because of your fear of swimming with an ostomy bag.

What if we told you that swimming with an ostomy is no longer just a dream? 

Your ostomy pouch has a special mechanism to resist water and prevent leaking, even when engaging in outdoor activities. With just a few things to keep in mind, you can splash around with the rest of the family! Let's take a look at some tips for swimming with an ostomy bag.

Tip #1: Choose the right swimsuit

You can have as much fun in the pool as you had before a stoma. You need the right swimsuit. If you are discreet about your ostomy device, look for a swimsuit that keeps it hidden. Shop for a suit that fits you snugly and comfortably, like a one-piece swimsuit for women and high-waisted trunks for men. 

Before heading to the pool, try your bathing suit and pouch in the bathtub. Take the time to see if you are comfortable with how your pouch looks and fits.

Tip #2: Check If Your Pouch Stays Secure

Although your ostomy bag is waterproof and unlikely to detach in water, test it while you’re in the shower to check if the pouch stays secure and shows any signs of leakage. If it holds up, it will also not leak in the pool.

You may also use barrier rings and seals to for extra security before entering the pool. Another item to consider is a waterproof ostomy cover for swimming. These Ostomy bag covers are readily available and come in various designs. 

HPFY Recommendation: Hollister Adapt CeraRing Barrier Ring

A solution for your fear of leakage and peristomal skin complications. The CeraRing is infused with ceramides to retain the skin's natural moisture. This moldable ring is applied around the ostomy wafer to secure a tight seal between the skin and the ostomy device to prevent it from falling or detaching accidentally.

Hollister Adapt CeraRing Barrier Ring



Tip #3: Empty Your Pouch Before Swimming

This very simple yet important step is another way to resolve your fear of leakage. As you already know, you must empty the ostomy bag if it is half or 3/4th full to avoid leakage accidents, so before entering a pool, make sure to do the same

Also, eating a few hours before swimming (disabled swimming) lightly will lessen any output concerns you may have.

Tip #4: Use A Stoma Cap

If you have an active lifestyle and have timely regulated output, you may use a stoma cap for swimming. It is a smaller version of an ostomy bag and is easily concealed within swimming trunks or swimsuits. 

HPFY Recommendation: Convatec Activelife One-Piece Stoma Cap

A one-piece cut-to-fit stoma cap designed for those who need short-term coverage. This stoma cap is comfortable, compact, and lightweight. It is ideal for sensitive skin and includes a charcoal filter that deodorizes and releases gas.

ConvaTec Activelife One Piece Opaque Stoma Cap With Skin Barrier And Filter



Tip #5: Carry Extra Supplies

Swimming with an ostomy will not be challenging if you take adequate precautions beforehand. However, carrying an extra set of supplies like a pouch, skin barrier, and wipes will further reduce your fears of leakage and detaching when you jump in the pool. 

Tip #6: Use an Ostomy Belt

Ostomy belts and wraps provide an extra layer of security by keeping your pouch in place and holding it snugly, keeping it low-key, and reducing its visibility. Ask your doctor about waterproof ostomy belts for swimming. 

Tip #7: Protect Your Peristomal Skin

Sweating is inevitable on a warm summer day. When you have an ostomy pouch, it’s important to remember that sweat may loosen it and require more frequent changing. This may lead to irritation on your skin and around the stoma Protect your skin with ostomy powder and a barrier film to prevent irritation from sweating and water contaminants.   

HPFY Recommendation: Hollister Adapt Stoma Powder

Make skin irritation a thing of the past with Hollister stoma powder. Recommended for post-operative use, it protects against raw and irritated skin by absorbing moisture from the broken skin around the stoma, allowing for better adhesion of the ostomy appliance. It can be used during excessive sweating to prevent the skin from irritation.

Hollister Adapt Stoma Powder



HPFY Recommendation: Torbot Skin-Tac Adhesive Barrier Wipes

It creates a protective layer around your stoma with these hypoallergenic barrier wipes that not only form a barrier but also offer outstanding adhesion. They are convenient, travel-friendly, and removed easily from alcohol.

Torbot Skin-Tac Adhesive Barrier Wipes



Having an ostomy is not the end of your life but rather a second chance to enjoy life even more! Don’t hold yourself back from enjoying the things you love to do. Follow the tips mentioned above and live your life to the fullest!


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