Top Six Healthy Food Habits of American Presidents

Top Six Healthy Food Habits of American Presidents

Habits and lifestyles of famous people often become the trend of the common people. The smallest detail is often picked up by the people and in no time a simple habit becomes a rage across the nation, and sometimes, across the world. The same goes for food habits. We are often intrigued on what our favourite film stars, authors, politicians, sportspersons, etc. eat on a daily basis. Sometimes they even go to the lengths of creating their own dishes that become a trademark for the celebrity.

And since the American President is technically the most important person in the nation, HPFY brings to you six of the healthiest habits of American Presidents of the past for this President's Day.

1. Thomas Jefferson and His Veggie Diet

Though Thomas Jefferson wasn’t a vegetarian but had a plant-heavy diet. He often sought to get the most unique and healthy fruits and vegetables from around the world. He owned terraced gardens at Monticello which contained roughly 330 varieties of 89 species of vegetables and herbs. In addition, he cultivated more than 170 varieties of the best fruits from around the world. He rarely ate meat, and it seemed as if he used it as a condiment in his food. Vegetables are known to contain almost all the nutrients the body needs to have a healthy functioning of the system.

Thomas Jefferson and His Veggie Diet

2. William Howard Taft, the Fitness and Diet Enthusiast

We often remember William Taft as a stout man with a heavy moustache gracing his face. He was the only morbidly obese president in the history of the nation. At one point, Taft realised that enough was enough and he finally got down to leading a healthy life. He threw out the excess sugar and fat from this diet, and included more of protein and vitamins to his diet. With help from his fitness trainer, Taft created a diet and exercise plan that he followed accurately, come what may. He achieved his weight loss aim early in time. We too recommend you follow a good and healthy diet and follow it up with a comfortable exercise schedule to enhance overall body health.

William Howard Taft the Fitness and Diet Enthusiast

3. Richard Nixon and Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a quality source of protein and contains some of the most important nutrients required by the body. Richard Nixon was a great aficionado of cottage cheese and had it on a regular basis. One of his most favourite dishes was cottage cheese with ketchup. Diet conscious people of his time suddenly saw the nutritional importance of cottage cheese and began endorsing the dish everywhere. It is used by athletes as well to reduce fat intake and increase protein intake. You too should try to include cottage cheese in some way to draw maximum nutrition by reducing fat intake.

Richard Nixon and Cottage Cheese

4. Andrew Johnson’s Sweet Love for Sweet Potatoes

One of Johnson’s most favourite foods was sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are rich in anti-oxidants called beta carotene which helps in increasing the blood levels of the body in tandem with vitamin A. They are particularly recommended for children. Just like potatoes they are highly versatile and can be eaten in multiple ways such as fried, baked, steamed, or boiled. Since they contain simple sugars, they are easier to digest and provide a great source of energy.

Andrew Johnson’s Sweet Love for Sweet Potatoes

5. Abraham Lincoln and His Liking for Honey

Honey in all its forms is considered one of the most organic and healthy ingredients available in the food world. Maybe Abraham Lincoln, the Champion of Democracy knew how healthy honey was and so incorporated a huge part of his diet with honey. He loved the food cooked by Mrs Lincoln, but honey was there on his table all the time. Honey contains a lot of antioxidants that helps in manage blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels by reducing LDL. It is great in treating wounds and burns as well, both on the outside and the inside.

Abraham Lincoln and His Liking for Honey

6. John Quincy Adams and His Fruit Bowl

Fruits are an indispensible part of a healthy diet. Providing healthy sugars, essential nutrients, and great taste, fruits were one of the most favourite foods of John Quincy Adams. He is known to have often included a fruit bowl on his dining table on a regular basis. He had a huge fruit farm and is known to include apricots, plums, apples, and pears in his fruit bowl. You too should include fresh fruits in your diet to help manage several conditions. You can consult with your doctor or medical professional to know which fruit precisely works against one condition.

The Presidents of the USA have contributed a lot to the building of this nation, which includes helping enhance the health of all its inhabitants. Imbibing these healthy food habits from these great men of the past is something which can help us enhance our overall health as well. 

John Quincy Adams and His Fruit Bowl


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